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Saturday 20 January 2018

Major launches rotaryVerge mower

Bruce Lett

Major Equipment Ltd has launched its new three-model, three-point-linkage mounted range of verge mowers which it calls Verge Major mower.

The firm says its new Verge Major is aimed at those working in various areas of vegetation management and across different types of terrain.

It is available in three working widths, from 1.35m to 2.6m.

Major says it has designed the Verge Major to be able to work in line with the tractor or be hydraulically offset to one side by 1.56m.

All models feature an offset, variable angle rotary blade deck, which Major says is suitable for managing grass, ditches, verges, embankments, hedges and bushes of all types.

Instead of using flails for cutting, which is the norm for this type of machine, Major uses a rotary blade design.

Major says its patented blade system also protects the Verge Major's driveline by retracting the blades up if they strike a solid object.

Internal double roller bearing housings give added shock protection to the drive system.

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Major says that its blade design makes the Verge Major a lower maintenance machine than a flail machine and claims it will use more than 30pc less fuel than an equivalent width flail machine.

Like the company's roller mower ranges, all Verge Major models also feature front and rear rollers to ensure a level finish.

Mowing angle adjustment of the Verge Major is hydraulically controlled from -45 degrees to 96 degrees, allowing it to cut down into ditches and then along accompanying hedge lines, all with one machine.

Height control of the Verge Major is via a simple spanner adjustment which sets and locks the cutting height of the machine. For transport, the Verge Major folds vertically.

The entry level OSM-1400 model features a cutting width of 1.35m (4'6"). With two rotors and either four or eight blades, it has a horsepower requirement of 40hp. The mid-spec OSM-2000 cuts to 1.98m (6'5"), with three rotors equipped with six or 12 blades.

Power requirement is 60hp. The largest model is the OSM-2650, with a 2.6m (8'6") cut width using four rotors and either eight or 16 blades. Power required is 80hp.

Available now from all Major dealers, prices start from €7,000 plus VAT (RRP) for the OSM-1400 model.

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