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Major changes afoot for sale preparation of National Hunt stores

A BIG change in the way National Hunt (NH) store horses are prepared for sale is set to begin this year as sales companies push for stores to be broken before sale.

The ITBA National Hunt committee is leading the charge on this ground-breaking new policy on the presentation of store horses.

The moves follows calls from buyers that all three-year-old stores sold at the premier NH sales companies, Goffs Land Rover and Tattersalls Derby and August sales have been driven and backed.


"The view in National Hunt circles was that we needed to change the way we do business, in that traditionally the store horse is broken at three and four, but the French system of breaking at two years appears to be a good alternative," said ITBA's National hunt committee chairman, Peter Molony.

"The sales companies are pushing for horses to be broken by the autumn of their two-year-old career and turned away to mature. The ITBA National Hunt committee recommends that stores are driven and backed for sales," he added.

A new education DVD on the breaking of horses has been produced which shows in accurate detail how this is correctly done. The DVD is available to all breeders and vendors and is designed to create a similar standard in breaking across all horses.

Changes in the returns policy at all the major store sales are to be introduced to ensure that buyers are confident of the handling each horse has received.


Tattersalls, Goffs, Brightwells and Doncaster bloodstock sales have agreed to use uniform sales conditions that categorise correctly broken store horses as "driven, lightly back and guaranteed untried".

A major National hunt seminar is planned for the ITBA Expo later this month and will explain to breeders and vendors what is required for sales this year.

The instructional DVD will be distributed to those present on the day and will be available upon request to all breeders and vendors. Complimentary copies of the DVD are available from the ITBA at 045 877543.

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