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Monday 11 December 2017

'We've sold 100 since January' - Sales of swivel spouts for slurry spreading taking off

The oscillating movement is initiated by the slurry guide plates
The oscillating movement is initiated by the slurry guide plates
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

"We've sold 100 since January," Dermot Tobin tells me on the phone.

He is the man behind the Moscha swivel spout in Ireland and is also a farmer from Carrick on Suir who specialises in fattening bulls. I asked him to tell me how he came to be the sole agent for the Moscha spout in Ireland and the UK.

"I was over at the Agritechnica show in Germany a few years ago and stumbled across the Moscha stand. I was interested in it straight away and thought it would work well in Ireland.

"There were two German lads on the stand; they didn't have a word of English and my German wouldn't set the world alight. But I was intrigued with the design; I went away and thought about it and the next day I bought one."

After a few months spreading slurry on the home farm with the Moscha Dermot became convinced it was a device Irish farmers could use in numbers.

The basic idea is that the swivel spout applicator slows down the speed at which slurry leaves the tanker, but also increases the slurry droplet size.

The swivel spreader works on a pendulum movement initiated by the slurry guide plates, and gives a working width of 12-18m depending on the vacuum tanker's pump size. The attachment can also be fitted as the spreader unit for an umbilical system.

After trialing one at home, Dermot went back to Moscha and agreed a deal to become the sole distributor for Ireland and the UK. He has not appointed dealers appointed to date and has no plans to do so.

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The units are delivered by courier and the farmer or contractor fits the unit. Estimated fitting time is around 45 minutes. No extra power is required from the tractor and fitting it simply involves replacing a female/male coupling splash plate with the Moscha unit by clamping it onto the 120mm outlet pipe on the tanker.

Tobin explained; "I always ask the customer if they intend on changing their tanker size in the future. If they do, I sell them the Moscha size most suitable for the incumbent tanker. Our most popular seller is the 77W model.

"This costs €1,000 plus VAT and would be suited to the 10,000 litre pump commonly found on a 2,500 gallon tanker, and gives a 17m spread. The tank empties quite quickly, about 30pc faster than with a splash plate system. The key benefits are less tracking on soft ground, reduced smell, faster grass regrowth and better distribution of slurry.

"We have a bigger model suited for a 13,000 litre pump that costs €1,100 plus VAT. The entry level Moscha costs €950 plus VAT and is designed for an 8,000 litre pump."

The Carrick-on-Suir man hasn't looked back since that first confusing encounter in Germany.

He has sold 500 in total since he took the agency on. Teagasc Oakpark currently have one of his machines and are in the process of testing it for ammonia emissions.

This will be the acid test for its claims of reduced ammonia losses over the splash plate spreading system and will go some way towards deciding whether it will be GLAS approved.

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