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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Watch: One pass reseeding demonstration

David Doyle

A recent reseeding demonstration from the Irish Cattle and Sheep Association (ICSA) in association with Germinal showed a number of options available to farmers around the country.

David Wedster from Teagasc discussed all aspects of the 'economics of reseeding and said that:

  • Old permanent pasture is up to 25pc less responsive to available nutrients such as nitrogen than fresh perennial ryegrass dominated swards;
  • Regular reseeding is a high cost effective investment. With regular reseeding the grass growth capacity of the farm can be increased substantially and the annual return on investment is large; and,
  • There is an economic loss of underperforming paddocks of up to €300/ha in lost grass production during the growing season.

Alstrong Auctus

This one pass machine from Irish company, Alstrong, which are based in Kilmore, Ballinasloe.

The company specialises in soil aerators and grassland rejuvenation equipment. The Alstrong Auctus rolls, sows and rolls so there is no requirement to roll after seeding.

It is the ultimate one pass system according to Alan Winters, one of the founders of the company.

“A super machine to sow into ploughed ground or into clay because it rolls it prepacks the seedbed, it sows and then it rolls again.”

He said the hydraulic paddles at the front of the machine will level the clay and the machine can be used as a rejuvenation machine for ground.

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He went on to say it works well in wet sticky conditions, which the conditions that were the demo day were.

The machine, he said, works by: 

  1. A quick burn off of the grass with a simple herbicide which can be done by the farmer;
  2. Wait three to four weeks;
  3. And then drive one pass with the machine.

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