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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Watch: How this high spec forager is reducing wastage and manual work

Blaney Forager
Blaney Forager
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Blaney Forager X10 bale unrollers are now a common sight on farms throughout Ireland.

After being around for a decade, the machine has evolved to incorporate a host of improvements and enhancements and Blaney are now running a series of demonstrations throughout October and November.

The Antrim firm claim the bale unroller is highly suited to those who want feeding to be made easier on the back and the pocket, and reduces bale waste by around 20pc.

Gillian Bonnar of Blaney says that for many farms the attractive thing about the Forager X10 is that it is a one man, one tractor operation. "Feeding a silage bale is easy, with the machine able to lift, load and feed out a bale on both sides from the comfort of the cab," she explains. "It offers a fast and effective solution for feeding out round bales to reduce the need for manual forking, to get the job done quickly and to reduce wastage. We are famed in Ireland for our rainfall and heavy grass crops and we like to tell customers that the machines have been tested in the toughest of conditions."

With that in mind, Blaney claims their drive components are capable of withstanding forces in excess of 50,000 Newtons, and more powerful hydraulics give generous capabilities to work with the heaviest bales. Features like triple feed out spikes, heavy duty conveyor bars and side rollers are developed to deal with the most difficult bales.

There are a couple of models in the lineup. The Forager X10 costs from €5,800 plus VAT and is engineered to be the most compact model, ideal for getting into tight spaces and narrow passageways.

Its safety guards protect livestock from injury and it has thick 50mm sprung tines that are designed for road travel and developed to handle the heaviest bales. This model is designed to be used on a three point linkage behind the tractor to feed either side.

Offset options are available for customers who want to feed further to one side if using a wide wheeled tractor or to reach over a trough. Blaney can also offer an adapter frame allowing for mounting on either three point linkage or a loader/handler for excellent versatility.

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Forager X10L

The Forager X10L is a special loader/telehandler version of the same machine, incorporating all the usual features. It can be fitted to any front loader or telescopic and so has the potential to handle high stacked bales. Silage can be fed along passageways, into feeders or used to unroll into mixer wagons.

Oliver O'Grady from Co Westmeath bought a Forager X10 in December 2015 and two years on is happy with his purchase. "I farm part-time and when I get home the last thing I want to do is spend time feeding silage. I find the process is faster now no matter what shape of bale, wet or dry. Excess silage is left in the machine and fresh for the next feeding. The whole job only takes a few minutes."

Anyone interested can contact Blaney Agri for details of the nearest Bale Unroller demonstration on 048 2587 2801 or visit

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