Watch how Krone's new BaleCollect system works

Image: Krone UK
Image: Krone UK

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BaleCollect 1230 is Krone’s first bale collector and was launched at this year’s Agritechnica.

BaleCollect is 4.3m wide, 3.2m long and carries up to three 2.7m long bales.

Its standout feature is its hydraulic drawbar that telescopes to provide absolutely safe castering in road transport - a unique feature that sets it apart from all traditional bale collectors.

This telescoping drawbar breaks the connection between the bale collector and the baler, allowing the collector to track behind the baler like a second trailer (3.9m total transport length).

There is no bouncing, because the brake on the Big Pack has been designed to also handle the extra weight of BaleCollect, ensuring exemplary rides on slopes as well.

Another plus point is the fact that the type approval is issued for the baler-collector combination and not for the tractor-baler-collector combination, giving machine owners maximum flexibility in the use of the tractor.

This is a great advantage over competitor collectors where the approval covers the entire combination of tractor, baler and collector and becomes void when a different tractor is used.

How BaleCollect works

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In transport position, the sides fold on to the table to reduce the transport width to less than 3m.

The bale collector pulls like a second trailer behind the Big Pack – a boon when travelling around bends or through narrow gates. BaleCollect is compatible with all Big Pack models and can be approved for 50km/hr.

In the field, the hydraulic drawbar is retracted and the bale collector runs in line with the bale chamber.

Also, the wheels are unlocked hydraulically and turn freely. After the sides are lowered hydraulically BaleCollect is ready to collect bales.

When a bale leaves the bale chamber and moves on to the BaleCollect, it passes over a detecting sensor which signals to push it to the side.

The following bale is then pushed to the other side. When the third bale arrives on the bale collector, all bales are pushed off the machine. The individual steps of the process are sequenced automatically and the operator can select one of four different unloading modes.

Another powerful selling point for BaleCollect is its weighing system: the bottom and top frames are linked by four sensor pins which determine, indicate and store the weight of each bale that is currently on the machine.

An additional accelerator sensor cushions shock loads, for example.

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