VIDEO: Michelin launches new tyre that changes from road to field

The award-winning '2 in 1' tyre in detail by Michelin
The award-winning '2 in 1' tyre in detail by Michelin
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Michelin has been awarded a prestigious SIMA Innovation Gold Medal for its soon-to-launch '2 in 1' farm tyre, which features a smart tread pattern that evolves to match the application.

Set to be unveiled at SIMA in Paris next March, the tyre is designed to support farmers who increasingly opt for larger machinery that has to perform both in the field and on the road.

In the field, working at low pressures, its footprint spreads across a wider surface, helping to boost traction while improving soil protection.

Compared with a conventional Michelin agricultural tyre of the same dimensions, the '2 in 1' tyre demonstrated a 20pc increased ground contact patch.

"The difference is that when set at high pressures for road work, the tyre's central band is built to grip the road. Michelin claims the adapted tread pattern for road travel will give a smoother vibration-free ride, saving farmers fuel and improving safety.

"We think the '2 in 1' tyre is a real game changer and is the latest in the line of innovative tyre technologies brought to market by Michelin," said a company spokesman.

"It builds on previous innovations such as Ultraflex technology and we are looking forward to its first presentation at SIMA. We believe it will help farmers face the challenge of growing food sustainably."

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