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Sunday 18 February 2018

Video: Farmer tells how a horrific farm accident changed his life forever

Galway dry stock farmer Peter Gohery
Galway dry stock farmer Peter Gohery
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Every year in Ireland farmers lose limbs and lives in accidents that are preventable but involve PTO shaft, machinery and tractors.

In this dramatic film, Galway dry stock farmer Peter Gohery talks about the day he was severely injured and almost died when he became entangled on an unguarded PTO shaft.

"It was a Saturday morning...there was a good bit of work to be done on the farm. My son decided to stay at home to help me. We were getting weanlings ready for weaning.

"That morning I put on a pair of overalls and a pair of steel toe cap safety wellingtons.

"During the day my knee started coming out through the waterproof section on the overalls. By dinner time with frustration I cut the overalls off.

"I left a tail just hanging on the waterproof section

"We finished early and I decided it was a nice evening so we pulled the diet feeder out to see what changes needed to be made for the coming season.

"I hooked up the drive shaft and the pipes. I turned on the PTO to see if the machine was running.

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"I heard a knock at the back of the machine. I said I'd leave the tractor ticking over and hop down and investigate the knock.

"I seen the pipes were in reverse. I just caught them with one hand and changed them.

"When I stepped back I found I was entangled in the power shaft. There was no cover on the shaft.

"With the tail piece that was left on the overalls. It just wrapped around the shaft, stripped it and at that stage the leg was amputated.

"I was thrown and my right arm got caught and broke.

"I was left lying on the ground. It wasn't till i was lying on the ground that i knew the arm was broken because I tried to pull myself away from the machine.

"I used to like my independence, but now I am totally reliant on my wife and kids. You just have to learn to cope and accept that you need help and that's it.

"I noticed that it was only after my accident that local garages started to sell PTO shafts and covers.

A PTO shaft guard is easy to fit and replace and can reduce this risk to zero.

Don't wait until it's too late.

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