Video: Electric silage feeder on way from Siloking listed at just under €50k

Electric Siloking
Electric Siloking

Chris McCullough

With increased focus on developing renewable energy machinery, Siloking is introducing its new electric-powered silage feeder to the market at the huge EuroTier Show in Germany this November .

This self-propelled eSilokamm comes complete with a cab offering all-round visibility and is used for loading, transporting and discharging silage or maize.

It has two speed options reaching up to 10km per hour or up to 20km per hours and will run for two hours on one full charge.

Made in Germany, this new machine is designed for farms that have longer distances between the silo and cow shed and comes with two load capacities; 3.6 or 4.6 cubic metres.

The battery can last for up to ten years, or 1,600 load cycles, after which time the battery holds up to 60 percent capacity.

Narrow sheds with low heights are no problem for this versatile and compact machine, thanks to its width of 2.1m and its height of 2.5m.

The list price of the 3.6 cubic metres machine is €49,600 plus VAT.

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