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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Video: Abbey says new monster tri-axle tanker range is ideal for contractor market

Photo: Abbey Machinery
Photo: Abbey Machinery
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Abbey Machinery says its new Tri-Axle flagship tanker range is ideally suited to high output haulage and is targeted at the contractor market.

The range consists of eight models with sizes ranging from 3000 - 6500 gallons (13,500 – 29,200 Ltrs). Tri-Axle tankers are built using highest standards you would expect from Abbey Machinery.

This tanker range is provided as standard with steering axles front and rear and can have optional forced or self steering systems.

As with the tandem range the Tri-Axle range includes class leading qualities; which include full length chassis construction, weight sensing sprung drawbar and anti-movement internal baffles.

All Tri-Axle tankers are constructed with the vessel mounted onto a full length independent folded chassis design providing unique inherent strength to the machines.

Standard Equipment

• Battioni mec 11000 vacuum pump (2000t-2500t fitted with mec 9000)

• Hydraulics brakes

Also Read

• LED lights complete with sealed wiring loom

• Hydraulically operated heavy duty outlet valve

• Inverted spreading plate

• Abbey DT double trap pump protection system

• Full length chassis

• Air/hydraulic 406x120 brakes

• Front and rear self

• Ssteering24" (500mm) rear door

• 20ft ( 4.5m) of 6" (150mm) suction hose

• 1 x 6” (150mm) blank fill point with 2" wash tap

• 1 x 6” (150mm) quick attach fill point

• 2 x 6” (150mm) blanked off fill

Optional extras:

Weight sensing sprung drawbar, Land management system, weight transfer system internal whisks.

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