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Sunday 18 March 2018

Urgent warning from trailer manufacturer after fatal accident

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

Following a fatal accident involving a specific model of trailer (NC 300 Series Power Tilt Dump Trailer), the manufacturer of the trailer has issued a safety alert.

NC Engineering (Hamiltonsbawn) Ltd has issued an urgent warning to owners and operators of the NC 300 Series Power Tilt Dump trailer following a serious incident with the tail door section of the trailer.

It says that on trailers manufactured prior to 2007 a door mechanism, which is not freely moveable or damaged must be replaced before the trailer is used.

On trailers manufactured from 2007 a retrofit kit must be fitted by an NC dealer. A safe system of work for clearing blockages, examples of possible damage and further details on replacement parts for both trailer models are available from all NC dealers or from NC Engineering directly.

It says that if an object becomes trapped between the tail door and the chassis the operation of the rear door may be compromised, particularly if the door mechanism is damaged.

In this situation the action of clearing the blockage could result in a person being struck by the door if the correct procedure is not followed.

The company has asked all owners of a dump trailer with a Power Tilt door contact your local NC dealer for further details.

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