Trioliet targets large herds with new feeder

Solomix 3
Solomix 3

Chris McCullough

A new series of Solomix diet feeders is being introduced at EuroTier by Dutch manufacturer Trioliet aimed at large dairy herds of over 180 cows.

The new Solomix 3 machines have a capacity of 27, 30 and 34 cubic metres and are being developed in addition to the current series of Trioliet three auger mixer feeders.

Traditionally, the demand for the larger three auger feeders has been concentrated in North America, where intense feeding of up to 12 hours per day is common, but current interest has also been shown from Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia on a similar capacity feeding machine.

Larger dairy farms in Europe and elsewhere with over 180 cows prefer to feed their cows one or two mixes per day due to shortages in labour availability.

In order to meet the demands of these farms, Trioliet has extended its program three auger mixers with three different models.

The Solomix 3 New Edition series is a low-profile machine which is easier to load and suits low sheds. The models are available with a number of discharge options; side doors, conveyor belt at the front or (adjustable) chain conveyor at front.

Prices for the new Solomix 3 Series start at €68,000 for the smaller model.

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