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Spec and span: Derek Casey looks at two new mid-range tractors ideal for dairy and livestock farmers



The new 126hp McCormick x6.55 is available in Ireland from this spring

The new 126hp McCormick x6.55 is available in Ireland from this spring

The new 126hp McCormick x6.55 is available in Ireland from this spring

Dairy and livestock farmers looking for a handy farmyard spec tractor will be interested in some new mid-range additions to the McCormick and Landini ranges available in Ireland this spring.

Starting with McCormick, the 110hp X6.35, 119hp X6.45 and the range-topping 126hp X6.55 tractors will slot into the range between the slightly smaller 85-113hp McCormick X5 Series and the larger 111-140hp X6.4 Series tractors.

"These new models provide an attractive option for operators wanting extra power and performance over our X5 Series tractors - or similar models from other manufacturers - but who are not ready for the jump to the X6.4 range," explains Ray Spinks, sales director and general manager at McCormick distributor AgriArgo UK & Ireland.

"With up to 126hp, a choice of transmission and pto packages, and a spacious but relatively low profile cab, we are confident these new models make an especially interesting proposition for small to medium size livestock farms," he added.

All three newcomers are powered by compact Deutz 3.6-litre four-cylinder engines that have proven attractive in terms of performance and fuel economy in the 90-107hp McCormick X4 Series tractors.


A power shuttle transmission is standard, with simple 12x12 and 16x16 creep manually selected gears, or 36x12 and 48x16 creep with three-speed power shift providing quick speed changes under load.

An Eco option, which delivers 40kph at lower engine revs, and four-speed pto with Economy gearing for both 540 and 1000rpm, help optimise fuel economy on tractors engaged in a lot of road work or powering pto-driven equipment.

A 66-litre/min gear pump for hydraulic services is complemented by a 30-litre/min pump dedicated to steering and control functions such as the hydraulic pto and four-wheel drive clutches.

The rear lift is rated at a very generous 6000kg.


Cab suspension is available for the first time on a McCormick of this size, and so too are a touch screen monitor, ISOBUS implement control and GPS steering.


ON THE Landini side, meanwhile, there’s an option for an even simpler tractor that won’t break the bank. A new cab option is available for the latest addition to the Landini tractor range, the basic-spec 4-D Series.

The new range aims to meet the needs of farms wanting a simple workhorse tractor for routine jobs such as light cultivations, haymak­ing and yard scraping.

Specifications are kept as simple as possible with few frills, which not only helps keep the price down but also means owners are not buying features they are unlikely to use.

Nonetheless, the tractor is no light-weight; it is built to perform with durability and comes with the reliability achieved by using thor­oughly modern components and assemblies. Up front, a new 2.9-litre Deutz four-cylinder engine nestles under the hood to provide pow­er outputs of 68hp, 75hp and 88hp, all driving through an Argo Tractors fully mechanical transmission.

This is operated by floor mounted gear levers, including the synchro forward-reverse selector to the left of the driver.

There are two- and four-wheel drive versions, the latter having the refinement of electro-hydraulic engagement of the front axle drive, and ground drive pto is standard regardless of whether the tractor is equipped with 540rpm, 540/540E or 540/1000rpm power take-off.

The rear three-point linkage rated at 3400kg is operated by simple lever controls. Prices start at around €35,000 plus VAT.

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