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High road speeds and an easy-going engine are the hallmarks of the latest Deutz turbo-charged tractors


Speed: Rapid transport performance is seen as a major requirement by Deutz Fahr

Speed: Rapid transport performance is seen as a major requirement by Deutz Fahr

Speed: Rapid transport performance is seen as a major requirement by Deutz Fahr

Deutz Fahr have a fine pedigree going way back to the early days of the diesel engine and it has long kept pace with the more popular brands when it comes to innovation and up-to-date engineering.

The company has just announced a 287hp tractor featuring the recently released six-cylinder 6.1l engine boosted by twin turbochargers.

Known as the Deutz Fahr 8280TTV, it slots in neatly between the 336hp 350 Warrior and the 246hp 250TTV Warrior.

It is notable that the Warrior moniker is not applied to this new tractor, which suggests that Deutz Fahr see it as a natural progression of its product range rather than a special or limited edition.

The manufacturer is keen to focus on the torque produced by the engine as it clearly sees this as the keystone in tractor performance, especially in the higher power brackets.

A useful 1,200Nm of torque is realised at just over 1,200rpm; it peaks at 1226Nm before fading again at 1,600rpm thus presenting a flat torque curve with plenty of grunt at lower engine speeds.

Indeed, with power maxing out at 1,700rpm there seems little point in revving the engine beyond this during field work, although achieving the maximum road speed of 60kph will require taking the engine up to 1,830rpm.

The high road speed is made possible through dry disc brakes being fitted to the front axle along with suspension that reacts to the braking load being applied. This can also be adjusted or disconnected completely when a front-mounted implement such as a mower is being used.

Up to five hydraulic spools are available at the rear and the lift capacity is 11,100kg, or 5,450kg at the front.

The term ‘gearbox’ is hardly suitable for the modern tractor transmission and this constantly variable unit is no exception.

Deutz Fahr describe it as an “intelligent combination of a stepped planetary gearbox, clutch unit and two hydrostatic units” which “evolves a new compound transmission, combining the benefits from each element and guaranteeing an absolute optimum of power flow.”

It is their own design and is made in its large tractor facility in Germany,

There is a full suite of digital features included, with Agrirouter for data transfer and tractor implement management (TIM) for unifying the operation of prime mover and any implement similarly enabled.

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