Case IH expands its low weight, high horsepower tractor line up

The Case IH Optum 250
The Case IH Optum 250

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Case IH has expanded its Optum tractor range with the Optum 250, a tractor designed to be low weight and high on horsepower.

Case IH’s line of Optum tractors, based on a high power, low weight design that can be ballasted where required, is to be expanded with the addition of a third model at the base of the range.

The new Optum 250 CVX tractor, with a rated power output of 250hp and a maximum figure of 273hp, joins the existing Optum 270 CVX and Optum 300 CVX models also built in St Valentin, Austria, and is available with a number of optional features designed to create a competitive package in terms of features and performance, yet serve as an attractive entry level model for the Optum range.

The new model has been introduced in response to a growing demand for the Optum range’s combination of 250-300hp power output, high payload and compact dimensions, and it benefits from the same 2,995mm wheelbase as other models in the range.

Optum tractors are built around a design that can be operated unballasted for jobs where high power yet low weight are required, such as mowing, or weighted for tasks requiring higher levels of tractive performance, such as primary cultivations.

Like the two larger models, the Optum 250 CVX is built around a heavy-duty front axle and a structural engine oil sump for the 6.7-litre FPT Hi-eSCR Stage IV six-cylinder engine, the same turbocharged and intercooled unit already proven in the existing Optum models.

Fuel-saving features include an idle speed management system, which reduces engine speed from 850rpm to 650rpm if the tractor remains still without moving for two minutes. Fuel tank capacity is 410 litres, and on the options list are anti-lock braking (ABS) and an engine braking system.

The latter works in combination with a variable-pitch fan to create a unique solution in the tractor industry to the requirement for high braking efficiency, providing up to 149kW of braking power to help rapidly reduce tractor speed and stop the vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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At the rear, the Optum 250 CVX is equipped with a Category IIIN linkage capable of lifting a maximum 11,058kg, with a figure of 10,305kg throughout the lift range. Hydraulic requirements are taken care of by a 165 litre/minute pressure flow compensating pump. Maximum rear tyre size is 2.05m

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