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Sunday 17 February 2019

This tractor has just won the accolade 'tractor of the year'

The 2017 tractor of the year from Case IH.
The 2017 tractor of the year from Case IH.
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

This tractor from Case IH has just been awarded the title of 'Tractor of the Year' for 2017.

The 2017 Tractor of the Year title has been awarded to Case IH for its Optum 300 CVX tractor by a judging panel of agricultural journalists across Europe. 

“Following the Machine of the Year 2016 award won by the Optum, this Tractor of the Year title shows the recognition across the European agricultural press that the Optum design and features represents a significant advancement in tractor technology,” says Dan Stuart, Case IH high-hp tractor product marketing manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

He said that the Optum CVX is positioned between the US-built Magnum and our Puma range, which like the Optum CVX is built in St Valentin, Austria.

"We have created a totally new, strong yet lighter weight design, with new strong front axle and structural engine oil sump design, to meet demands for customer requiring a 250-300hp tractor with a high power-to-weight ratio in a compact, manoeuvrable layout."

The tractor’s typical unladen weight is 11,000kg and the design allows for a maximum gross vehicle weight of 16,000kg. Further fuel-saving features include idle speed management, cutting engine speed from 850rpm to 650rpm if the tractor stands still without moving for two minutes.

"The result is a tractor that protects the soil, in that it can be operated at a weight that suits the work. It protects the owner’s business from the tyre and component wear that can occur when a heavy tractor is used for lighter field or transport tasks. And it protects against high fuel consumption, as proven by DLG Powermix test results of 249 g/kWh."

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