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Sunday 19 November 2017

Think you’re a good tractor driver? This competition is for you

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

John Deere and Michelin are looking for Europe’s best tractor drivers to go head to head.

The competition is not just about speed, but also about the best and most efficient driving strategy and 16 tractor drivers from all over Europe will get the chance to prove their skills in the John Deere 6250R in France this June.

The driver with the best overall strategy combining speed of transport with lowest possible fuel consumption and lowest soil compaction in the field will win this, on a skills course where every mistake matters.

The 16 participants will be the first customers worldwide to drive the 6250R in real-life conditions.

At the start of the competition, each operator selects their own driving strategy and decides on the appropriate tractor settings as well as the most suitable tyre pressures.

The contestants then have to complete a field and road course, which they have to negotiate as quickly as possible while taking into account fuel consumption and possible soil compaction.

Each driver will be scored on their performance in the following categories: speed, fuel efficiency, soil compaction and driving skills.

Anyone looking to take part should apply now at and then attract as many ‘likes’ as possible from their social media community.

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The 16 candidates with the most likes will be invited to Michelin’s technology centre and proving ground to represent their home country in the European Drivers’ Championship.

The 16 winners’ transportation, accommodation and meals will be covered, and you can bring a friend to cheer you on!

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