Students design 'reel easy' way to stop wire tangling up

Reel Easy: Shane Dobson, Daniel Doherty, Shane Grimes, Shane Hagen, Luke Hurson
Photo by Shelley Corcoran
Reel Easy: Shane Dobson, Daniel Doherty, Shane Grimes, Shane Hagen, Luke Hurson Photo by Shelley Corcoran
Catherine Hurley

Catherine Hurley

Transition year students from Moyne Community School, Co. Longford have designed a 'Reel Easy' way for farmers to keep their wires from tangling.

Transition Year students Shane Dobson, Daniel Doherty, Shane Grimes, Luke Hurson and Shane Hagan have designed a device called 'Reel Easy', with the help of their metalwork, Declan Donnelly.

“Reel Easy has a brass bar with two little lock nuts on it. This is attached to a spring, which opens a gap between the two rollers when the bar is lifted. The tape or the wire is then threaded through the rollers and release the bar so the rollers clamp down on the tape or the wire," said Padraig Doherty, the schools Enterprise teacher who is also the father of Daniel, one of the students that designed Reel Easy.

“The end of the wire that you put through the rollers, you tie this to the reel. Once the Reel Easy device is held in place with your foot you can roll up the wire with very good tension on it.

“Tension is kept on the wire to allow the reel roll up the wire from the spool without the wire being tangled in the process.”

The students are now looking into placing the Reel Easy device on the handle of the reel that is winding the wire up.

Coming from a farming background, the students were having problems when they were getting spools and couldn’t get them on the roller without the wire getting tangled, so came up with the idea of Reel Easy to make life easier on the farm.

The students are manufacturing the product themselves using the school’s metalwork facilities and equipment. All materials are full weather-proof, ideally suited for farmers, they says.

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According to the students, Reel Easy is used to help keep tension on electric fence wire or tape when transferring it from a spool to a reel. It turns a two-man job into a one-man job. Reel Easy can also be used for Builders Line, String, etc.

The students won the Senior Category of the Student Enterprise Awards in Longford, and are through to the National Final in Croke Park on May 2.

Reel Easy is available for purchase for €18 in Dobsons (Arva) LTD, Co-ops in the North Longford and Cavan area, or through the school. The students plan to sell Reel Easy in more stores in the coming months.

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