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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Small but mighty - John Deere targets small-scale farmers

John Deere will target smaller farmers with its new 95-115hp 5R Series tractors
John Deere will target smaller farmers with its new 95-115hp 5R Series tractors
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

John Deere is launching a new series of compact tractors this autumn, designed to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized tillage, dairy and livestock farms.

Deere's new 5R Series tractors have been designed to provide enhanced levels of comfort, compactness and performance.

With a short wheelbase of 2.25m, the new 5R family combines a one-piece curved frame design with a low centre of gravity to facilitate front loader installation on-the-go, while still maintaining the best possible manoeuvrability at a turning radius of only 3.75m, even when fitted with a front loader.

The new 90hp 5090R, 100hp 5100R, 115hp 5115R and 125hp 5125R models are equipped with fuel efficient, Stage IIIB emissions compliant 4.5-litre John Deere PWX engines.

These diesel-only four-cylinder engines deliver 10 extra horsepower for transport applications via their Transport Power Management (TPM) system.

Customers can choose between three transmission options. These include the entry level 16/16 manual transmission, which features four ranges and four power shiftable gears within each range, and the 32/16 option, with eight power shiftable gears and an eco mode that enables a top speed of 40kph at only 1759 engine rpm.

While all these transmissions offer a fully automatic clutch, individual start-up gears, individually settable speeds and an electric park lock, the premium level 32/16 option also features an automatic shifting function as standard.

With a shipping weight of 4.3 tonnes, the new 5R Series tractors can lift as much as 4.7 or optionally 5.3 tonnes. The open-centre hydraulic system is equipped with a standard 96-litre/minute pump and is also available with a pressure and flow compensated 117-litre/minute version. Whether they are mechanically or electronically controlled, four spool valves provide fast loading cycles. For improved operator comfort especially in rough terrain, the new 5R Series tractors are available with front axle suspension, featuring independent arms and infinite adjustment of +/-45mm that allows complete shut-off when required.

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An optional maintenance-free mechanical cab suspension system is also available, which uses two adjustable shock absorbers to ultimately support the air suspended Grammer seat. This seat is normally standard equipment on 6R Series tractors, and features five to 15 degrees of swivel, lumbar adjustment and an optional heating system.

Inside the cab, the 5R Series offers a tiltable steering column, corner-post display, panoramic front windshield and an ergonomic control panel. For front loader operation, John Deere offers a choice of mechanical or new joysticks, both linked to the tractor seat.

For those looking at doing a lot of loader work with the tractor, the new 543R front loader offers automatic mast and implement latch, 10pc more lift capacity, higher breakout force and an increased roll-back angle. Depending on the task, both the 543R and 603R loaders are equipped with a choice of levelling options.

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