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Saturday 18 November 2017

Plough worth €20,000 stolen from field in the early hours

The plough in action, before it was stolen.
The plough in action, before it was stolen.
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

A plough worth €20,000 has been reported stolen from a field in Co. Louth.

Tillage farmer John Hoey from Castlebellingham, Co Louth had the 5 furrow reversible vari-width Kverneland plough taken from a field early on Monday morning.

According to Hoey, the plough was left in the field on Saturday as he was not finished ploughing the field.

It was still there on Sunday evening, when he was last in the field, but was taken in the early hours of Monday morning. Hoey says that CCTV shows a tractor and what he believes is his plough passing through Grangebellew, at around 1.15am on Monday morning.

While the plough could be driven by a tractor for a considerable distance, Hoey said it is likely it was loaded onto a lorry and could be in any part of the country now.

Gardai in Dunleer are investigating and Hoey is hopeful someone will report if they are offered a cheap plough. The plough, he says, is worth in the region of €20,000.

Approximately 30,000 farm-related crimes have been reported to Gardai since 2010, with theft from farmyards a common issue – over 2,000 farmyard thefts are reported every year.

Dunleer Gardai are investigating and can be contacted on 041 685 1202.

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