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Friday 23 February 2018

Pictures: Could this tractor and trailer breach any more regulations?

Photo: Garda Siochana twitter
Photo: Garda Siochana twitter
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

A tractor driver in Kildare has been hit with fixed charge notice and penalty points when stopped by Gardai with an incredibly insecure load.

Gardai in Kildare say the tractor had an insecure load, no indicators, stop lights, tax, and no registration plates front or rear.

Gardai said the driver will be hit with penalty points and a fixed charge notice.

It's not the first agricultural related road safety incident Gardai have highlighted recently.

Garda Traffic Corps from the Cork North Division stopped this vehicle in Mallow, Co. Cork yesterday and kicked off a massive debate online about the legality of the drivers actions.

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Image: An Garda Siochana

Gardai said there was no tachograph in use and the driver had no Certificate of Competency.

However, Gardai also hit out at the driver over the weight of the load.

"The maximum allowable weight for this vehicle and trailer was 9.5 tonnes but as you can see, the combined weights were far in excess of this" it said.

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The move by the Gardai sparked a massive online debate on whether the drivers actions were legal.

One man questioned Gardai asking "What was the weight of trailer, truck and straw bales when ye weighed it?" while a whole host of people saying that there was no way the load of straw was over 9.5t.

"Bales must be full of water to weight over 9.5 ton".

"I would say the lorry no more than 3.5 tone for it's a aloy body the trailer 1 tone Witch is bout 4.5 /5 tone there's not 5 tone of bales".

"No way that's over 9.5tons ! 9 round bales and 10 large square !?," were just some of the comments online.

Other recent agri related road offences

Meanwhile, the issue of tachographs has also been highlighted by those in the agriculture community recently.

Recent legislation put a limit of 100km radius for tractors to travel from their base of operations.

However, Farm Contractors Ireland (FCI) said recently that many modern tractors are required to transport machines and farm produce greater distances, where the use of a truck would not be practical or economical due to the relatively low value of the goods in transit, such as straw.

FCI is calling for this limit to be raised to 180km.

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