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Sunday 17 June 2018

New loader is breaking new ground for strength and visibility

The new Quicke Q Series loaders will be priced from €6,000 to €10,500 plus Vat for the loader boom, depending on the model.
The new Quicke Q Series loaders will be priced from €6,000 to €10,500 plus Vat for the loader boom, depending on the model.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Dublin-based machinery distributor Farmhand has launched the Quicke Q Series front-end tractor loader series in Ireland. The company has been the Quicke importer in this country since 1962 and estimates it has sold upwards of 35,000 loaders in this time.

Quicke says the Q Series loaders - priced from €6000- €10,500 plus VAT for the loader boom - is its strongest, most advanced loader to date.

Following on from the success of the Dimension series, Quicke has increased loader strength using cast/forged steel as well as beefing up the overall stiffness of the loader.

This has resulted in a 50pc increase in overall strength. Quicke has always prided itself on its loaders' visibility, and the Q Series is said to be an improvement, with an even lower cross-beam allowing the user to have a better line of sight.

Interestingly, efforts have been made to ensure that the Q Series loader complements how new tractors look. Quicke says this has been achieved by curving the beam to match the shape of the tractor bonnet and chamfering the steel.

For storage, the support legs feature a fully integrated heavy-duty design with flexible positions, making it quick and easy to connect and disconnect the Q Series loader from the tractor.

No tools are required and there are no loose parts.

The Q Series also boasts being the first digital loader to hit the market. The Q Companion allows the user to monitor the weight of every lift, along with many other useful features. This is the first time features like this have been incorporated into a front-end loader. Quicke also claim a 100pc improvement on their SoftDrive system.

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Farmhand marketing manager Stephen Scrivener says the Q Series loader is aimed at all farmers who need to regularly use a front-end loader and who put a premium on reliability. The new Q series is the strongest loader ever built so we expect it to last a long time on any farm.

"I would point to its strength and visibility as two key features," he says.

"The Q Series is twice as strong as any loader on the market, including the previous Quicke Dimension series. The visibility has also been greatly improved by lowering the cross-beam. Users can now get an excellent view of the implement without being obscured by the loader itself, or indeed the tractor's headlights being blocked."

Mr Scrivener also highlights the Q Companion feature available on the new loader which allows the user to see the weight of every lift, saying: "This takes the guess-work out of diet feeder work or of weighing bales, for example, as well as notifying the user when service intervals are due."

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