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Thursday 14 December 2017

New Holland's revamped T5 series is aimed firmly at dairy and drystock farmers


A new T5 series model in action
A new T5 series model in action
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

New Holland has launched a new T5 Series aimed at drystock and dairy farmers in the popular 80-120hp market segment.

There are five models in the new line up, ranging from the T5.75 up to T5.115. Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor Product Management at New Holland, said: "With the new T5 we have completed the process for the renewal and rationalisation of our medium range.

"The process was focused on providing today's farmers with an ample choice of solutions to match their specific requirements and meeting the growing demand for powerful, light all-rounders. We think the new T5 Series offers a complete package at a very competitive price."

Transmission choice

The T5 Series is available with a wide choice of transmissions. The entry-level 12x12 Synchro Shuttle transmission offers traditional robust operation with positive direction changes. The 12x12 Hydraulic Power shuttle delivers fingertip direction changes without letting go off the steering wheel.

The new 24x24 Dual Command transmission features a Hi-Lo Splitter full load power shift that delivers a tailored shuttling performance. The top transport speed of 40kph makes short work of transporting, and the full T5 range is available with either two or four-wheel drive.

The T5 is factory ready for New Holland's 500TL and new 700TL front loaders, which can be combined with a front linkage.

The factory fitted front linkage has a lifting capacity of up to 1,670 kg which, combined with the 1000-speed PTO, further adds to the T5 range's versatility.

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Customers who want to work with front-mounted mowers or for municipalities will be able to swap easily between a front ballast carrier, front linkage and front PTO.


The hydraulic offering has been designed for mixed farmers. For standard farming applications, the 48 litre/minute with a dedicated 28 litre/minute services pump is sufficient.

The bigger so called MegaFlow option delivers up to 64 litre/minute to the main pump and 36 litre/minute to the services pump; New Holland says this provides the power required for the most demanding applications, including front loader work, while keeping the steering light and responsive at all times. Customers can tailor the hydraulics package to their needs. The T5 features two standard rear remote valves and two mid-mount valves. The number of hydraulic couplings can be increased to eight with an optional diverter.

The impressive rear lift capacity of 4,400 kg with a second assist ram ramps up productivity. A three speed PTO featuring ECO speed and ground speed multiplies the number of implements that can be used and reduces fuel consumption.

Engine rating

The new T5 range is powered by a 3.4 litre common rail engine developed by FPT Industrial. The powerful, quiet engine develops from 75 to 110hp and up to 457 Nm of torque.

The engines reach maximum power at just 1,900rpm and is available up to 2,300rpm, the most frequently used working range. Engine Speed Management with two speed settings and makes fieldwork easier, adding to the operator's productivity.

With a power-to-weight ratio of just 31.6 kg/hp, the T5 reduces the risk of soil compaction and uses less fuel. Fuel efficiency is further improved by features such as the 40kph ECO, which has the added advantage of quieter operation on the road. The high fuel efficiency combined with the larger, 160-litre fuel tank and 600 hour service interval means the tractor spends more time working in the field.

From the cab there is good all-round visibility, further improved by a single wiper blade with 200-degree movement and wide-angle mirrors.

For loader operation, a roof hatch can be specified to provide unrestricted view.

All the controls in the cab are ergonomically laid out, while many elements are adjustable to create a comfortable work station tailored to the operator.

The instrument cluster moves in conjunction with the fully tiltable steering column. The touch screen monitor puts the operator in control of all the main parameters.

As ever these days, a choice of seats is available offering varying degrees of comfort all the way up to the deluxe air-suspension version.

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