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Monday 19 February 2018

New Holland offers revamped range of mid-range tractors

New Holland
New Holland
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

New Holland has revamped its mid-range tractor model offering, with a comprehensive line up in the under 120hp segment. The 17-model tractor offering includes the T5 Electro Command, the recently launched T5 Utility, re-named T4 and existing TD5 ranges.

James Emery, New Holland's mid-range tractor product specialist in the UK and Ireland, says: "When the T5000 series was discontinued in 2013 it created a gap in our mid-range offering, particularly for farmers who need a versatile, compact tractor with good power and lift capacity at a reasonable price.

"The under 120hp sector is important to New Holland and the recent launch of T5 Electro Command and T5 Utility ranges ensures our customers can choose a tractor that perfectly suits their business."

The three-model 100 - 120hp T5 Electro Command range, winner of Best Utility at Tractor of the Year 2017, features a Tier 4B compliant engine.

Enhanced front suspension, uprated rear lift capacity, heavy-duty axle and 16 x 16 Electro Command transmission with auto functions, provide farmers with more flexibility to perform draft work with heavier implements.

A loader-ready option and adjustable shuttle response make materials handling more efficient. Improved visibility in the VisionView cab comes courtesy of wide-angle mirrors and LED lighting packages, enhancing operator safety and comfort.

The five new T5 Utility models offer between 75 and 114hp and continue the heritage of the well-regarded T5000 series. Farmers can choose between two- or four-wheel drive on all Synchro-Shuttle models (four-wheel drive on all others), plus a wide choice of transmissions including Dual Command, Power Shuttle, and Creep-speed to suit individual requirements.

The T5 Utility is well suited to handling tasks; loader-ready, it supports a maximum lift capacity of up to 2,539kg with a maximum lifting height of 3.7m from New Holland's 740TL front loader. An optional front linkage, with 1000-speed PTO provides added flexibility.

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The six-model 65 - 115hp TD5 range offers robust design, rugged efficiency and all-rounder simplicity with a comfortable cab designed for long days and good visibility for loader work.

At the lower end of the power offering the TD5.65 and TD5.75 feature highly efficient mechanical engines, while TD5.85, TD5.95, TD5.105 and TD5.115 models are complimented by modern, Tier 4A compliant, Common Rail 3.4 litre F5C power plants, which have reduced fuel consumption by 10pc.

The three-model T4 range, previously named T4 PowerStar, is powered by a 3.4 litre, Tier 4B compliant Common Rail F5C engine. Precision fueling enables enhanced response when the engine is placed under load, and fuel savings of up to 13pc have been achieved.

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