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Sunday 17 December 2017

New distributor for McCormick and Landini tractors

One of the models in the Landini 5-100 range.
One of the models in the Landini 5-100 range.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Argo Tractors -manufacturer of the Landini and McCormick tractor brands - has appointed AgriArgo UK, its distributor in Britain, to also handle whole-goods and parts distribution throughout Ireland.

The appointment results from a mutual agreement between Argo Tractors, D&S Machinery in Dublin and H Fulton Tractors, Dungiven, Derry to bring the long standing former distribution arrangements to an end.

D&S Machinery Ltd became the Landini importer for all Ireland in 1991, and in 2001 was appointed to also handle the McCormick range shortly after Argo Tractors reintroduced the iconic brand. Speaking to the Farming Independent this week, Michael Devane, director at D&S Machinery, said the move had been a tough choice but was firmly a business-related one.

"We have come to a mutual agreement with Argo Tractors to change the distribution channel of the Landini and McCormick tractor brands across Ireland," explained Mr Devane.

"Over the past number of years it was evident that the distribution model based around an independent distributor like D&S machinery was no longer sustainable.

"It was a difficult decision, but a commercial one at the end of the day. I for one would love to see the Landini and McCormick brands go from strength to strength on the Irish market.

"Looking to the future, we have decided to concentrate on expanding our spare parts business into other tractor brands and on promoting the exciting Solis range of tractors that are new to Ireland."

AgriArgo UK is based at Harworth, northern England, close to Doncaster, the former home of the McCormick brand.

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The company has appointed Will Doyle, who has an established track record in tractor sales and distribution, as area sales manager for Ireland. AgriArgo UK has begun supporting Irish dealers and end users by supplying parts from the approximately €3.5 million of stock held at its Harworth premises.

All new tractor orders for the Irish market are also now being handled by the company.

Ray Spinks, general manager and sales director at AgriArgo UK, acknowledged the support provided by the former distributors:

"Michael Devane and his fellow directors at D&S Machinery have done everything possible to ensure a smooth hand-over," he said. "That gave us time to put in the resources needed to ensure the professional support we give our dealers in Great Britain is available to dealerships in Ireland.

"This is a great opportunity for Irish dealers to get fully behind the Landini and McCormick products and capitalise on the business resources available from AgriArgo UK and our partners, such as stocking plans, retail finance and favourable terms for demonstrator tractors.

"We look forward to hearing from any and all dealers who see the potential for Landini and McCormick tractor sales in their area," added Mr Spinks.

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