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Tuesday 11 December 2018

It's a wrap: We check out the growing number of baler options on the market

Lely Welger
Lely Welger
Derek Casey

Derek Casey


Soon to be launched in Fendt and Massey Ferguson branded colours after Lely opted to sell to Agco and further specialise in robotic milking, Welger balers have nonetheless earned a reputation for reliability amongst Irish contractors.

The Welger RP 245 baler is probably the most popular seller and offers a wide ­variety of options such as different ­chopping units, net-tying ­systems and control facilities.

All of this is combined with the well-proven bale chamber with 18 Powergrip steel rollers.

Thanks to the smart technique of a mechanical locking system, the Welger RP series guarantees a firmly closed tailgate throughout the baling process.

It safeguards maximum pressure and delivers well-shaped and equal-sized bales containing a maximum amount of crop. Avoiding and resolving blockages, if they occur, is easy with the Hydroflexcontrol system.

The two-step system makes use of its ‘flex’ element to reduce the risk of blockages.

 The ‘hydro’ element enables the rear of the feed table floor to be lowered in the event of a blockage.

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This can be done quickly and easily from the tractor seat.


Designed and developed in Italy, Kverneland’s FastBale represents two world firsts: it is currently the world’s only non-stop fixed-chamber baler and secondly, it is the world’s only non-stop fixed-chamber baler wrapper combination.

The new baler cleverly integrates a pre-chamber with a main chamber, and a wrapper.

Latest enhancements to the non-stop bale production process include a bale tipping kit to place bales on their side after being released from the wrapper, and the development of a film-on-film applicator kit for those looking to avoid the use of net to secure the bale.


Claas recently launched their new Variant variable-chamber round baler. Four models and two bale sizes are available as part of the range.

With the Variant 460RF and 465RC, the bale size can be varied from 0.90m up to 1.55m, while bales up to 1.8m can be created using the bigger 480RF and 485RC models. Standard on all models is a 2.35m wide pick-up, fitted with a dual roller crop press.

This has four height settings so that it can be quickly adjusted for a more uniform and even crop flow, so allowing the baler to be operated at a higher forward speed. Also standard is the hydraulic drop-down floor, which allows blockages to be quickly and easily cleared from the cab.

The floor will lower 30mm automatically to allow large lumps to pass through and be drawn into the baler. In the event of a blockage, the operator simply lowers the floor so that the blockage can be forced into the baling chamber and the floor raised again to commence baling.

The bale chamber has been strengthened, in particular the front frame which has been reinforced, as has the tailgate. This has been redesigned so that it opens and closes faster, meaning that bales are now discharged in less than six seconds.

John Deere

Developed to meet the high-capacity requirements of contractors and larger livestock farms, John Deere’s C441R premium wrapping baler incorporates a heavy-duty drive system rated at up to 210hp with 1000rpm PTO.

The new 18-roller bale chamber has also increased in width, from 117 to 121cm.  The baler features a number of other enhancements designed to improve the machine’s overall durability and performance in both heavy, wet grass crops and dry straw, so it is now a true all-rounder when it comes to producing bales with consistent density and shape in all crop types.

The wrapping unit now features a 15pc faster wrapping arm working at 40rpm, and the 18pc faster table transfer system delivers a further big increase in productivity.

There is a choice of 2m or optional 2.2m pickups, feeding a high capacity rotor with either 13 or 25 knives.

The baler also incorporates a full-width parallel drop-floor system operated from the tractor cab, which enables blockages to be removed instantly. The machine is available with a single axle as standard or with an optional tandem axle chassis for improved flotation.


Krone’s Comprima X-treme round balers come with faster pickup, rotor cutter and elevator speeds to allow it to cope in the most challenging harvesting conditions. An ability to apply both net and film wraps also makes it a versatile all-round baler.

A key feature of the new baler is its bale transfer system, which has been updated to cut out downtime in the field.

The design and arrangement of the chamber and the wrapping table allow the bale to simply drop from the chamber on to the table by its own weight. Should this be a problem in undulating terrain, the bale will get a nudge from the bale lifter.

The Comprima X-treme has a pickup working width of 2,150mm with tine diameters increasing from 5.5mm to 6.0mm. A stronger pickup unit helps to maximise baler stability at high forward speeds, while standard crop press rollers and baffle plates minimise blockages and boost throughput.

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