'Important to have a machine capable of testing the biggest tractors on the market'

Adam McDonald DTE-Systems (left) with Barth Landy, General Manager at the Cooney Furlong Machinery Company, Enniscorthy
Adam McDonald DTE-Systems (left) with Barth Landy, General Manager at the Cooney Furlong Machinery Company, Enniscorthy
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Earlier this year, well-known UK dynamometer manufacturer Froment appointed DTE-Systems from Tullamore, Co Offaly, as its agent here in Ireland. Froment has been designing and building power test equipment for several decades. The UK firm is well known and respected throughout the agricultural machinery sector here in Ireland.

DTE-Systems are headed up by Adam McDonald, who has considerable experience in the automotive sector. Initially doing an apprenticeship with Toyota, Adam then furthered his technical knowledge and expertise in GMIT with a Diploma in Advanced Motor Engineering & Electricity.

He has been specialising in automotive and agricultural machinery tuning since the early 2000s. A Froment dynamometer has been a crucial element of his tuning kit. "I could not provide the best possible service for my customers without a Froment dynamometer. It allows me to test a tractor or harvester before tuning. Once tuned, I can verify the results to the customer," Adam states, adding, "You cannot precisely tune verify torque and power curves without a dynamometer."

As an agent for Froment here in Ireland, Adam will be looking after both sales and technical issues, which includes training dealer staff. Technical support also extends to supporting the many older Froment dynamometers that are still operating throughout the country.

Currently, there are two models of Froment dynamometer available. The Sigma 50 which can test up to 515hp (380kW) and 3170Nm of torque. The larger Sigma 60 can test up to 680hp (500kW) and 4150Nm of torque.

"The increased usage of high horsepower tractors and harvesters is reflected in the demand for dynamometers capable of testing them, as can be seen with the Sigma 60," said Adam. "The likes of the Fendt 1000 Series tractor, John Deere RX and CaseIH-Steiger Quadtracs are no longer unheard of in Ireland, so we need dynamometers capable of testing such huge power."

Adam recently installed a larger Froment Sigma 60 with The Cooney Furlong Machinery Company in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. Barth Landy is General Manager at Cooney Furlong Machinery Company. He agrees that tractor horsepower is rising all the time and it was important to have a machine capable of testing the biggest tractors on the market.

"We are a new dealer and we did a lot of research into what would be the most suitable dynamometer for our business," said Barth. "We will have a dynamometer in the Sigma 60 that will be able to test the entire Case IH range. This is up to and including the largest Case IH Steiger model which is rated at 620hp and rises to 692hp with engine power management."

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Froment Dynamometers are available as static or trailed units. The trailed versions are available in single or double axle configuration. The Froment Sigma 60 supplied by DTE Systems to the Cooney Furlong Machinery Company is the first in the country to be supplied on tandem axle.

"The Froment Sigma 60 is a large dynamometer for testing large tractors and equipment. The twin (braked) axle configuration offers a higher degree of stability for towed usage. More comfort for both man and machine," Adam believes.

For 2018, a number of upgrades have been made to the Froment Sigma series. These include a new handheld controller with micro USB port for updates. All feature unrivalled Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) burn-off times to assist in re-generating DPFs. Windows-based laptop software is standard so it can be used either with a customer's own laptop or the machine's own hand-held controller.

Using the laptop makes it easier to store/transfer information to the dealer's management system for service information, storage or invoicing. This makes it easy to print and create PDF reports as required.

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