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Gardai seize tractor not taxed for more than 15 years


Image: An Garda Siochana twitter

Image: An Garda Siochana twitter

Image: An Garda Siochana twitter

Gardai in Wicklow recently seized a tractor which had not been taxed in over a decade.

Gardaí were conducting an Operation Thor checkpoint at the time and seized the tractor as it hasn't been taxed/insured for over 15 years.

In 2013 the Gardai started to take a much tougher stance on farmers who drive untaxed machines on public roads, with everything from tractors to combines being stopped and, in some cases, impounded for not being properly taxed.

In addition, farmers were no longer be able to retrospectively declare their machines off the road.

Anybody caught with an untaxed vehicle on the road after October 1, 2013 is liable for an on-the-spot fine of €60 along with all the tax arrears.

This will amount to years of back tax in the case of many tractors and could result in a bill running into thousands of euros for some individuals.

Its not the first time Irish tractor divers have come to the attention of Gardai.

Earlier this year Gardai seized a tractor in Tipperary after it was found to have only three wheels.

In a tweet from the official Garda Siochana twitter account Gardai said "'Time to retyre' - Tipp Traffic Corp seized this tractor driving on 3 wheels & 4th wheel tied to rear. Driver was 'wheely wheely sorry'."

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