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Sunday 17 December 2017

Fendt adds five combines and large square balers to its machinery line up

There are five versions of the square balers on offer.
There are five versions of the square balers on offer.
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Fendt is launching a five-model range of combines and a range of large square balers to partner its new combine harvesters to the UK and Irish market.

The combines are designed for smaller-to-medium sized units right up to large-scale arable enterprises and the new range will be on show to the public in January at the LAMMA Show in the UK.

The Fendt X-Series incorporates the very latest operational technology with high horsepower, a cutting width of 10.7m and state-of-the-art Skyline cab with VarioGuide automated steering, the Agco-owned company says.

Fendt X-Series combines also feature the established industry-leading PowerFlow table, which feeds the crop through to the HyPerforma threshing and separating system, which it says has been seen to deliver increases of up to 15pc.

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In addition, ATRAK crawler tracks can be specified by users looking to minimise compaction when working on susceptible soils – and providing peace of mind when combining in sloping fields when the grain tank is approaching the limit of its huge 12,500-litre capacity.

High-capacity straw choppers, consisting of 108 knives, are a feature of the combine while at the heart of the machines is a 7-cylinder, 496hp AGCO Power engine.

The combines also feature a Fendt Skyline cab, with a Variotronic operating system while a six-row straw chopper, with 88 serrated knives, a 9,000-litre capacity grain tank and a Fendt ParaLevel option are available.

Fendt Square Balers

Fendt is also introducing a range of large square balers to partner its new combine harvesters.

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High bale density, together with uniformity of size and weight are the two principal aims of the large square bale operation, Fendt says, and a powerful, well-positioned, 2.26m pick-up is the essential starting point.

Features of the square balers include a gentle pick-up action designed to minimise straw loss, while the innovative roller pressure pad ensures a smooth flow of the crop.

Fendt says it has placed great emphasis on the strength and durability of the machine's parts and this approach has involved super-strengthening parts – like the pick-up, tines, the frame and bale chamber – to ensure safe, reliable performance over a long working life.

There are five versions of the Fendt large square baler to choose from, with bale sizes ranging from 80cmx90cm to 120cmx130cm.

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