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Saturday 18 November 2017

Farmhand and Amazone link up on fertiliser spreader deal

The Amazone ZAM 1201 is a 1 tonne spreader.
The Amazone ZAM 1201 is a 1 tonne spreader.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Amazone dealers are currently promoting a finance offer on fertiliser spreaders - in conjunction with machinery distributor, Farmhand - which will remain operative until mid-February.

Noting that there are "thousands" of old spreaders awaiting replacement, the Farmhand offer sees the Amazone ZAM 1201 1-tonne model, for example, (complete with folding cover and lights) being offered for an initial deposit of €775.

The balance for payment is spread over nine half-yearly amounts of €775, inclusive of VAT. Mindful that fertiliser is one of the most expensive commodities on any farm, Farmhand managing director Paul Scrivener notes that their announcement has two key objectives.

"One is to remind farmers of the saving in costs that can be made using a modern, top-end machine that spreads accurately so expensive fertiliser is not lost in hedges and ditches. A parallel aim is to show that Amazone equipment is less expensive than some might think," he said.

"Given there are many farmers uncertain about buying a top-end machine just now because of tight budgets, we have constructed our offer so farmers can trade up without putting undue pressure on themselves," he said.

Further details can be had by contacting any Amazone dealer.

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