Claas unveils new Jaguar range with optimum output for minimal power input



The 626hp addition to the Claas Jaguar forage harvester range
The 626hp addition to the Claas Jaguar forage harvester range
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Claas has unveiled a new 626hp addition to its Jaguar forage harvester range, the Jaguar 880, which will only be available in Ireland, the UK and the USA.

As the maize harvest wraps up for another year the German company has also unveiled two new Orbis maize headers that will be of interest to Irish contractors.

Starting with the new self-propelled harvester, the Jaguar 880 fills a gap in the Jaguar range.

It means that Claas is able to offer farmers and contractors the choice of two 626hp models; namely the new Jaguar 880 or the higher specification Jaguar 960 (which as explained below can be factory fitted with crawler tracks for lower ground pressures).

Claas is hoping the availability of the new 880 model will make this harvester the ideal replacement for those running older 623hp Jaguar 900 foragers and are firmly pitching it at this market segment.

It is 25 years since the Jaguar 800 range was first introduced, and the new 880 retains the well proven direct drive system to all the main components.

The straight crop flow through the forager progressively increases the crop speed from about 4.8 metres/second as it enters the forager, to 68 metres/second as it leaves the accelerator, so ensuring optimum output for minimal power requirement.

The 880 is powered by a straight six Mercedes Tier 4F emissions compliant engine, as used on the Jaguar 960, which uses compound turbo technology. This provides the option of the fuel saving dynamic power system, which automatically alters engine power relative to load. Drive to the front axle is through a 40kph, two-speed hydrostatic transmission.

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The Jaguar 880 comes with the latest colour Cebis control terminal, with function screens accessed using either the main rotary switch or the Hotkey which provides direct access to pre-selected functions.

A quick attachment coupler allows the Jaguar 880 to use higher throughput header units from the 900 range, including the heavy duty 300 grass pick-up.

Terra Trac can now be factory fitted on the Jaguar harvester to offer optimal soil protection
Terra Trac can now be factory fitted on the Jaguar harvester to offer optimal soil protection

From the intake, for which there is the option of the stop rock detection system, the crop is fed into the chopping cylinder, giving a range of six chop lengths from 5mm to 21mm with the standard 20 blade chopping cylinder. For further crop processing, the Jaguar 880 has the Multicrop L 250mm cracker fitted as standard.

Using the in-cab CEBIS control system, the operator is able to set a reminder as to when the knives need sharpening or the shear bar needs adjusting after a set operating time has elapsed. And on foragers fitted with the Claas Quantimeter system, a reminder can also be set after a set yield quantity has been harvested.

To provide increased capacity and rapid hydraulic reaction, the 880 incorporates a continuous high pressure, 210-bar hydraulic system using large diameter hydraulic lines.

In addition to Opti Fill, which enables the spout to swivel over a range of 225 degrees with automatic return to the transport position, there is the option of Auto Fill, which uses a 3D camera that determines the trailer body dimensions and fill depth to automatically control the spout.

The Jaguar 880 harvester can be specified with the Claas GPS pilot automatic steering system. For data recording, the CEBIS control system can store up to 20 job records. Using Claas telematics, a far wider range of machine setting and operating data can be recorded and stored online, and viewed using any web enabled device.

This allowa the forager to be remotely monitored, daily productivity analysed and overall seasonal performance data assessed. The standard specification includes a 1000 litre diesel tank and 130 litre Ad Blue tank, with the option of an additional 300 litre diesel tank.

Factory fitted tracks

With its Jaguar 960 Terra Trac model, Claas has become the first manufacturer to launch a forage harvester with a factory-integrated crawler track system. The track concept, which Claas already uses on its combine range, offers optimal soil protection.

This means that even when the crawler track system is used with the narrowest track version (635mm) the resulting contact area of more than 1.3m2 is over twice that provided by 800-size tyres.

One of the main benefits is that the harvester does not sink into the ground so deeply when operating in difficult, wet field conditions. This makes the going that much easier for the transport vehicles following the harvester.

Two other track variants with widths of 735 mm and 890 mm are also available. The headland protection system of the Terra Trac crawler drive system comes into its own in grassland. During a turning manoeuvre, the support rollers in each track unit are pushed down hydraulically, the front drive roller is raised and the contact area is reduced by about a third. This results in the visible avoidance of damage to the grass cover by the shear effect when turning.

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