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Monday 20 November 2017

Big Mac: McCormick's new six-cylinder tractor

McCormick have launched a new six-cylinder tractor which builds on the legacy of the MTX Series

Cab and independent front suspension are standard on the new McCormick X7.650 series which is priced at €80,000 plus VAT
Cab and independent front suspension are standard on the new McCormick X7.650 series which is priced at €80,000 plus VAT
The transmission is designed and built by ZF in Germany and features 24 speeds in six ranges
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

D&S Machinery Ltd has just launched the McCormick X7.650 with 160hp maximum power. This is a new six-cylinder tractor which joins the McCormick X7 Pro Drive series and brings a long wheelbase, tough cast chassis and smooth-running engine further down the power scale.

The introduction of this new X7.650 series, which is priced at €80,000 plus VAT, is welcome news for McCormick enthusiasts who were familiar with the MTX Series.

The original MTX 150 was a popular six-cylinder model for many years and was seen as a reliable and simple tractor to operate and maintain.

Due to engine emission regulations imposed on tractor manufacturers, there has not been an equivalent machine to the MTX 150 until now.

The transmission is designed and built by ZF in Germany and features 24 speeds in six ranges
The transmission is designed and built by ZF in Germany and features 24 speeds in six ranges

So now McCormick have returned with the X7.650 featuring a new engine, a new ZF transmission, a new cab and stylish bodywork that gives this tractor a top class finish and a new appeal to a wider audience.

The X7.650 has a new Tier-4i, six-cylinder 6.7 litre Betapower engine with a maximum power of 160hp, equipped with the SCR system (AdBlue) which allows the engine to deliver exceptional power with over 40% torque backup.

Like the MTX 150, this X7.650 features a rugged chassis with shock absorbing rubber mounts which support the engine helping to effectively reduce noise and vibration levels. This important standard feature is not available on leading competitor models.

The "Pro Drive" transmission is designed and built by ZF in Germany and features 24 speeds in six ranges with four power shifts steps in each range. In addition a creep speed is standard providing 40 forward and 40 reverse speeds.

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This transmission offers a Manual mode, AutoField mode and AutoRoad mode to suit different applications.

This means the operator can choose to engage auto power shifting (APS) which will change power shift speeds based on engine speed parameters and load for up and downshifting.

The rear brakes comprise of five brakes discs on each side. As a way of improving efficiency and less drag on the brakes the amount of oil delivered to lubricate the brakes is cut from 30-litres/min to 8-litres/min when travelling over 13km/hr.

Once the brake pedal is touched the flow is increased. Likewise, the transmission uses a mix of being showered in oil and pressure-fed shafts rather than being immersed in a bath of oil. Under the bonnet, an impressive new cooling pack is fitted. Radiators all hinge up for cleaning.

The frame below the radiator pack has a fabrication hump to accommodate a front PTO if its needs to be retrofitted afterwards.

The closed-centre hydraulics with piston pump system provides a flow rate of 123-litres/min output and a separate 44-litre/min gear pump dedicated to steering and auxiliary systems.

The auxiliary control valves are operated via three mechanical levers and one electro- hydraulic pushbutton on the gear lever controller on the right hand console.

Oil flow through the electric spool valve can be adjusted on a menu on the dash and oil flow for the mechanical spool valves can be adjusted individually with a dial outside the back window.

'Power Beyond'

The X7.650 features the Power Beyond function as standard with the plumbing for this system located beside the auxiliary couplers at the rear. This function is essential for operators of combi-balers and silage wagons.

The electronic lift can be operated in two places in the cab, either with the raise/lower button on the gear lever controller or alternatively with the precision and draft dials on the right-hand console. There are also buttons on the rear left fender to control the lift. The X7.650 offers an impressive maximum lift capacity of 9300kg and comes with a Dromone Telescopic Hitch.

The X7.650 has four-speed PTO as standard featuring a 6 or 21'' spline shaft to give 'power' and 'economy' gearing. The four-speeds: 1000, 1000Eco, 540 and 540Eco rpm are easily changed via levers on the right hand console. An Auto PTO feature will automatically disengage and reengage the PTO at heights sets by the operator whenever the lift is raised and/or lowered during headland turns.

The four-post Premiere cab has a flat-deck floor, rear-hinged door and one-piece panoramic windscreen that ensures all-round visibility. This wider cab is very different to the design of previous McCormick models.

The new cab provides several new features as standard including an inside mirror, additional 12V sockets for portable devices, a cooler box, a bottle holder, a hide-away passenger seat and opening sunroof.

The X7.650 cab is pressurized to keep a clean, dust-free environment and has a sound level of only 70 dBa. A powerful air-conditional system and MP3 Bluetooth Radio package add to the comfort of this model. Cab and independent front suspension are standard on the X7.650.

The Carraro independent suspension front axle is similar to previous models but now the 100% locking differential has a steering angle sensor to disengage in auto mode. The suspended axle combined with the hydraulic cab suspension allows the operator in the X7.650 to enjoy maximum travel comfort.

The characteristics of this X7.650 models are very impressive according to D&S Machinery, most notably with the six-cylinder engine.

Below 1600rpm the tractor develops more power than the MTX and from about the same point torque output climbs appreciably to easily out-punch the old engine's output.

With its 6.7 litre engine and heavy-weight cast chassis frame, the X7.650 has the mass to safety handle a variable of tough jobs. Total weight of the X7.650 without ballast weights is 6550kg.

The 55-degree steering with 5400mm tight turning radius makes this tractor excellent for manoeuvrability. Finally, twin beacons and two year factory warranty are also standard on the new X7.650.

Test drives of the new X7.650 are available for anybody looking for a good all round six-cylinder tractor with plenty of power and comfort.

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