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Monday 18 December 2017

Machinery warning from expert on hearing

Farmers have been warned of hearing damage from operating farm machinery by one of the country's leading experts in the industry.

A survey conducted at the Ploughing Championships in September revealed that 86pc of people said they were experiencing a range of hearing loss symptoms, including finding it difficult to hear, hearing muffled sounds or hearing a ringing noise in their ears.

Revealing the potential reason for the hearing loss symptoms, nearly half of those surveyed said they never wore hearing protection when operating loud machinery or farm vehicles.


Commenting on the results, Dr Nina Byrnes GP said: "It's staggering that despite people's concern for their hearing, they will put up with poor hearing for many years before seeking the help they need.

"People need to be encouraged to value and adequately protect their hearing."

If you are concerned about your hearing, Hidden Hearing, which carried out the survey, offers free hearing tests throughout their 60 hearing centres or at their mobile hearing clinic.

For information or to book a hearing test at a hearing centre, call 1800 370 000 or log on to

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