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Thursday 14 December 2017

Machinery: Top tier tractors

The New Holland T7
The New Holland T7
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

The updated T7 series from New Holland features a 6-cylinder engine with emissions technology that meets Tier 4B standards without the need for exhaust gas recirculation or a diesel particulate filter.

The tractors' high efficiency after-treatment system means there's no need to compromise the combustion efficiency in order to reduce emissions. New Holland says the design increases the upper power levels of both wheelbase versions of the T7.

The rated power of the long wheelbase model is 5pc higher, while the standard wheel base climbs by 9pc to 180hp. Add 45hp of engine power management to this and the T7.225 is a powerful tractor for its dimensions and weight.

New Holland are still able to offer customers a 6-cylinder T7 at a relatively low power level, though. This is important as many operators will always choose the advantages of a 6-cylinder tractor over a 4 cylinder model.

At a rated power of 140-hp rising to 175-hp with engine power management, the T7.175 retains those benefits for the customer.

The T7 tractors come with several productivity-boosting features. A new lighting package offers up to 16 LED cab work lights that provide a 360-degree spread of light.

The rear 360-degree corner lights can be switched off independently to avoid glare, typically when unloading alongside a harvester.

Another interesting feature is the second generation Headland Turn Sequencer (HTS). Controlled through the now standard IntelliView touch screen, the HTS enables complex headland turns to be created by recording a turn 'live' or creating one by selecting actions and trigger points from a menu.

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Everything from selecting the target speed of the auto command transmission to switching to an implement camera view is programmable and editable. It's then placed under the control of a single button.

Further features include adjustment of the power- shuttle clutch-engagement time and remote-valve management. This allows any two hydraulic remote valves to be assigned to the quad switch on the command grip multi-function handle.

At the front end the long wheel base models get a new integrated front linkage with a higher capacity PTO, while the standard wheelbase front-end loader option features a wider frame for improved visibility and stability.

Advanced braking technology

Available on the T7.230 models and above, the braking technology manages the brakes of each wheel individually, increasing vehicle stability when attempting to stop on greasy surfaces.

This will be a very safe option for those involved in high levels of road transport work. Another braking feature is the ABS Super Steer, which enables the tractor to execute tight turns in the field by automatically braking the rear inside wheel as the steering wheel is turned.

An ABS trailer power socket and an exhaust brake are also individual options on all T7 models.

The exhaust brake feature reduces the requirement to use the normal service brakes when descending gradients, the engine's cylinder compression instead being used to hold the tractor's speed.

New Holland's Horizon cab's all round visibility is enhanced with the new one-piece front screen offering a great view.

Longer front fenders offer improved protection from mud while a wiper-mounted screen-wash nozzle keeps the view clear. For colder mornings there's the convenience of heated front and rear screens as an option.

Finally, the updated T7 series offers a choice of three levels of tractor seat specification. The Comfort seat utilises a low frequency suspension design.

The Dynamic Comfort seat features an enhanced low frequency suspension and a variety of comfort enhancing features, such as the automatic shock absorber adjustment, pneumatic lumbar support and two-stage heater.

Top of the range is the Auto Comfort seat with incorporated climate control, which even has extraction fans within the seat to minimise dicomfort during long days in the field.


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