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Monday 22 January 2018

Machinery: Productive foraging for New Holland

New Holland is breaking new ground with the FR Forage Cruiser

The latest SPFH from New Holland feature horsepower ratings ranging from 476 to 775hp
The latest SPFH from New Holland feature horsepower ratings ranging from 476 to 775hp
The cab provides operators with a quiet, comfortable work
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

The latest self-propelled forage harvester (SFPH) from New Holland, the FR Forage Cruiser, features horsepower ratings ranging from 476 to 775hp, with the top model retaining a massive 20.1 litre engine. The new five-model line-up offers superior comfort in the spacious flagship cab, enabling contractors to make the most of the forage harvester's impressive productivity.

New Holland claims the FR Forage Cruiser features the largest cutter head in the industry - both in width and diameter. A chevron knife design chops cleanly, quickly and uniformly. The cutter head is available in five configurations to match the specific chopping requirements, giving a length of cut selection range of just 2mm up to 35mm.

The feed roll drive system enables the operator to adjust the length of cut to match crop conditions on the go.

The new FR Forage Cruiser spout now features full-length replaceable top and side liners, a new hard-faced flipper, a stronger flipper cylinder and improved spout base lubrication. Efficiency can be further increased by automating trailer filling with the spout guidance system. This guides the crop accurately into the trailer whatever the weather conditions, time of day or type of trailer.

All models of the new FR series feature engines developed by FPT Industrial. The two smaller models run versions of the proven Cursor 13 engine tuned to the constant high loads experienced when harvesting forage. The FR650 and FR780 mount the new Cursor 16 engine.

Tuning specific to forage harvesting delivers almost instantaneous transient response, making the Forage Cruisers able to handle sudden changes in load without stopping or plugging.

'Eco mode'

The combined effect of the new Cursor engines and the exhaust emissions technology enables the new FR models to use up to 21pc less fuel than the equivalent Tier 3 model at the same length of cut. Field tests carried out by the DLG German Agriculture Society show that the FR650 model delivers best in class fuel efficiency of 0.5 litres/ton chopping at 8mm in maize.

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A new standard Eco mode setting can reduce fuel consumption in field conditions where it is not possible to load the engine fully, for example when harvesting low yield crops or in muddy fields. When engaged, the intelligent engine management system controls the engine's speed and reactivity to minimise fuel use.

The flagship cab of the new FR Forage Cruiser provides operators with a comfortable work station. New Holland says its quiet cab provides 360-degree panoramic visibility, with curved windows offering a perfect view of the header and spout, whatever its position.

An air-suspended seat features automatic weight adjustment and variable shock absorption. The backrest, lumbar support, seat pan angle and height are adjustable to provide the perfect seating position for the operator. A new leather and cloth luxury seat with heated and ventilated cushions and suspension upgrades is also available as an option on the top three models.

Finally, a slim steering column with a double-jointed design makes it easy to position the steering wheel for the best view of the header and comfort. Prices for the FR Cruiser start from €304,530 plus VAT.

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