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Machinery: Deere's newest range


All new: John Deere's
new 6R and 7R models have
been designed to meet new
emission regulations

All new: John Deere's new 6R and 7R models have been designed to meet new emission regulations

All new: John Deere's new 6R and 7R models have been designed to meet new emission regulations

John Deere has unveiled new 6R and 7R models, in order to compliment its 8R Series tractors, which were launched earlier this year. The new models were designed to meet European Stage IIIB emissions regulations.

The company has also introduced new combines, the W, T and S-Series for the 2012 season.

The new, top-of-the- range S690, it claims, features the most powerful engine available in a combine today at 625hp. Finally, at the top end of the trailed sprayer range is the new R962i, which has a capacity of 6,200 litres.

For the moment though, it is the tractors that will interest most, and like many other manufacturers in the industry, Deere took the opportunity to completely revamp its ranges, in tandem with the introduction of new emissionised power plants. The firm has reaffirmed its position on exhaust emission control across the 6R and 7R ranges and, like fellow US firm Cummins, has shied away from SCR (AdBlue), which is more popular with manufacturers on this side of the Atlantic.

Already in use on the 8R series, Deere uses a combination of cooled EGR -- Exhaust Gas Recirculation -- variable geometry turbos and an exhaust filter that contains a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to scrub their exhaust gasses. The advantage of this system, as Deere would be the first to point out, is that its products are 'diesel-only'.


Perhaps the most popular John Deere range in Ireland is the 6000 series. In fact, with more than 550,000 units having been produced by the Mannheim factory since 1992, John Deere makes the claim that the 6000 Series is in fact Europe's most successful tractor range.

Initially, three large frame models will be available. The new 6170R, 6190R and 6210R models will all with be equipped with Deere Stage IIIB 6.8-litre six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engines. The three models are rated from 170 to 210hp, which rises to a maximum of 200 to 240hp with Intelligent Power Management (power-boost).

The firm claims that this makes the top of the range 6210R the biggest tractor ever built at Mannheim, and the first model to be produced by the factory which can provide over 200-rated hp.

Now punching with the big boys, the 6210R is more powerful than the existing 7830 tractor from the 7030 Series and, at 1.5t lighter, it has a greater power to weight ratio. The 6210R has a maximum lift capacity of 9,550kg.

Deere continues with its full- frame design, which was first introduced nearly 20 years ago, on the 6000 series.

The three new models have a longer wheelbase of 2.8m and can be fitted with larger Group 48 tyres, which boast a maximum outside diameter of 205cm, and the firm claims that these are the same size as those used on 8R Series tractors.

The new ComfortView cab, has over 20pc more space, and delivers a serious increase in visibility.

Other mod-cons include a seven-inch, full-colour GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display with optional touch screen and video capability, an adjustable air-suspended seat, integrated climate and radio controls, Bluetooth connectivity and an optional panorama (clear) roof.

The display is also fully compatible with ISOBUS and tractor-implement automation (TIA) applications.

On the right-hand Command Arm console are 'hot keys' for field cruise control, an iTEC automatic implement control system, transmission and PTO (power take off) settings, lift functions and 4wd. It is also home for the radio, air conditioning and light controls.

An extra option is the GreenStar 2630 display with touch screen, which can be paired with Guidance Pro modules, as well as video monitoring, and boasts advanced ISOBUS capability.


New cab lighting gives the machinery 185pc more light output compared to previous models, according to Deere. There are 10 cab lights integrated into the front, rear and sides of the roof line to provide 360-degree visibility, plus six adjustable belt-line and rear fender field lights, on top of six field, spot and road lights on the bonnet grill.

Transmission options include AutoPowr CVT, AutoQuad Plus and PowerQuadPlus with SoftShift.

To maximise fuel economy, the AutoQuad Plus EcoShift can hit 40kph at lower engine rpm.

The AutoPowr variant now features a drive pedal mode similar to the competition, where the forward speed can be varied with the drive pedal.

Available on the new 6R series is a range of front loaders from John Deere, the H series.

These have been developed to provide maximum visibility and to match the new tyre size and tractor chassis dimensions of the 6R series. The loaders are available in non self-levelling (NSL), mechanical self-levelling (MSL) and hydraulic self-levelling (HSL) versions.

Options available on the 6R series include Deere's new HCS Plus hydraulic cab suspension, as well as Xenon lights (of which there are eight), which are controlled from the CommandCenter display.

Also optional is front PTO and an integrated front hitch with a lift capacity of 4,000kg.

In order to reduce their steal-appeal, 6R tractors are also fitted as standard with CESAR Datatag and immobiliser systems, which feature a unique, transponder-based key.

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