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Saturday 16 December 2017

Machinery: Back on tracks

Massey Ferguson's tracked version of its Delta 9380 combine was one of the big attractions at the Cereals 2016 show, reports Derek Casey

Massey Ferguson Delta 9380
Massey Ferguson Delta 9380

Massey Ferguson showed the first tracked version of its Delta 9380 combine harvester at this year's Cereals event, which took place in Cambridge earlier this month. The machine was equipped with the new 30ft (9.2m) cutting table along with Superflow auger, which was also being shown for the first time.

MF says the Delta 9380 combine includes a host of features designed to improve comfort and control, as well as increase capacity and performance.

The machine on show at Cereals was fitted with Massey Ferguson's ATRAK low ground pressure track option, which spreads weight over four individual support rollers to give a bigger area of contact and better flotation - helping to reduce soil compaction and creating a smoother ride for the operator.

The system has integrated final drives specifically designed to handle heavier loads and a progressive integrated block suspension for better traction and contour control at high working speeds.

The overall width of machines fitted with tracks remains within 3.5m - particularly useful for road transport.

The machine's seven cylinder, 9.8 litre 496hp engine is equipped with third generation Selective Catalytic Reduction technology to meet the latest emission regulations, ensuring excellent fuel economy and constant power delivery under load.

The combine has working widths of 9.2m or 10.74m when fitted with MF's PowerFlow cutting table - providing continuous active gathering of the crop, which cuts table losses and presents an even 'heads first' feed, powering the crop into the auger.

A new patented returns system uses augers to transport the grain and a paddle wheel to deliver the returns back to the shaker shoe. The size of the clean grain elevator has been increased by up to 50pc - helping to further improve overall output, while the 12,500 litre grain tank (available on Flatland models) has an unloading speed of 120 litre/sec.

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The spacious Skyline cab offers excellent visibility through sound-absorbing glass, climate control air conditioning and heating with new mirrors and lighting array. An integrated automatic steering system offers a high degree of accuracy - allowing the combine to take a full cut on each and every run and for field layouts to be set up to minimise short work.

The MF Delta 9380 is also available in an Autolevel version, where the whole combine is levelled by rotating the final drives - ensuring the machine can continue to work at maximum performance even on sloping ground.

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