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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Machinery: A cut above the average

Austrian manufacturer Pottinger has launched its most efficient mower yet

Spec: The new Pöttinger Novacat S10 has a working width of 9.52m and has a modest power requirement of 130hp
Spec: The new Pöttinger Novacat S10 has a working width of 9.52m and has a modest power requirement of 130hp
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Pöttinger is claiming to have set new standards in mower performance and efficiency with its new 'fuel saver' Novacat S10 silage mower combination.

With a working width of 9.52m, the Austrian manufacturer says its latest mower package offers the highest performance at a very low power requirement of only 130hp.

That modest power requirement will come as good news to Irish operators, falling well within range for the majority of contractors here.

The new combination's output of 11ha/hour is impressive, and the Novacat should attract quite a bit of attention if early pricing suggestions are anything to go by.

While official figures are yet to be announced, the Farming Independent understands the mower will retail here for about €22,500 plus VAT.

One of the key features of the Novacat S10 is that it works well on corners because it provides sufficient overlap between the front and rear mowers.

In order to guarantee optimum utilisation of effective working width, the mower unit can be mounted at two different positions on the boom to work with either 3m or 3.50m wide front mowers.

A second important design feature is the target of providing the best possible ground hugging to protect the sward. Pöttinger says this is achieved on the Novacat S10 mower combination using hydraulic weight alleviation.

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A clearly-visible pressure gauge is fitted to the mower frame, and the ground pressure can be adjusted progressively if needed using a double-acting remote valve.

The proven cutter bar with quick-change blade system provided as standard forms the heart of this mower combination.

Streamlined mower discs ensure smooth crop flow, an optimised counter-chop zone and overlap of the blade paths ensure clean cutting quality as well as protection of the sward.

The centre pivot suspension on the Novacat S10 allows a freedom of movement of +/- 22 degrees. A lifting clearance at headlands of 50cm is available as a result.

The mower unit is stabilized by a small cylinder to cancel out oscillation.

This makes turning easier and ensures safety and stability at the headland and during transport, at the same time as protecting the pto shaft.

The hydraulic collision safety device provides ground protection to maximise the service life of the machine. The mower units are protected independently of each other.


During transport, the mower is folded backwards through 90 degrees by a double-acting hydraulic connection. The front guards automatically fold up hydraulically.

This provides a low transport width of just 2.20 metres for compact and safe transport of the mower.

Suitable lighting is supplied as standard, and the Novacat S10 can be parked in the working position or in the road transport position.

Operating this machine is fairly simple in that only one double-acting spool valve is needed.

Individual mower-unit lifting is provided by using a preselect rocker switch.

Finally, the mower combination is moved into the transport position by pressing a switch that activates the spool valve.


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