Low loss hydraulics and headland management systems

All Optum tractors feature a low loss hydraulic system. A 165 litre/minute at 2,100rpm closed circuit load sensing (CCLS) hydraulic pump is standard, while a high flow 220 litre/minute at 2,100rpm CCLS pump is available as an option.

In both cases, high pump flows provide the potential to achieve the required flow at a lower engine speed.

Quick attach CAT III hook ends are standard on the rear linkage, which delivers a lifting power of 10,299kg through the range and a maximum at ball end of 11,058kg. Also available as an option are CAT IVN hook ends, a hydraulic top link and a hydraulic top link / drop arm.

The new front linkage offers a maximum lift of up to 5,821kg at ball end, thus providing the power to efficiently work with equally big and productive implements.

The cab features Isobus Class II as standard, with Isobus Class III as a factory fitted option.

This allows compatible implements to control tractor functions such as steering, forward speed, hydraulic lift, PTO and rear remotes.


For operations like baling this can improve efficiency with a more constant flow of material through the baler and reduce operator fatigue. The Optum is also available with the headland management control system announced for the Puma range earlier this year at the SIMA show.

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This offers the operator the advantage of reducing the complication of headland turn operations, again reducing operator fatigue.

Maximum comfort and an optimum working environment are provided with cab suspension as standard and a premium range of seat options.

These include the dual motion operator seat with swivel headrest, a forwards/backwards adjustable lower seat cushion, an electronically adjustable armrest and 15 degree seat swivel to aid in rear visibility, as well as seat heating and ventilation.

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