Local drainage schemes may be part of the problem

The movement of water still appears to be widely misunderstood.

In recent years, rivers throughout Ireland have been drained and their banks raised while adjoining flood plains have been filled in and even built on.

This has had the effect of speeding up the flow of water in times of heavy rainfall rather than slowing it with natural reed beds and boulders.

Our winters are becoming increasingly wetter and rather than taking a local view on flooding, we need to examine it from a national viewpoint.

There is little doubt that the more we interfere with the natural flow of rivers, the more problems we create.

Demanding ever more drainage in individual districts is not the answer.

Flood plains

We cannot prevent rain falling so perhaps we need to accept a degree of flooding and assist people to relocate from areas that repeatedly suffer and then recreate the flood plains of the past, as is currently taking place in Holland.

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Water has mysterious properties and often nature provides answers that are unclear to modern man.

For some thought provoking videos and viewpoints regarding the properties of water, Google the name Viktor Schauberger and then check out Callum Coats.

It's fascinating stuff.

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