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Monday 25 June 2018

Local creditors owed up to €800,000

Peter Kingston racked up debts outside of the €2.5m loan that remains outstanding to ACC. Documents from the Cork County Sheriff's office show that he owes over €50,000 to Lisavaird Co-op, €7,700 to McDonell Bros, €4,900 to Heide Roche, and €4,300 to the Revenue.

In addition, there were outstanding bills of over €33,000 to Bandon Co-op, with the Kingstons' supporter and debt campaigner Jerry Beades estimating that local creditors are owed up to €800,000 by the family.

While Mr Kingston insists that he offered to pay back the loan in full on four separate occasions, he admitted that he still owed large sums of money to various parties.

"I'm not disputing that I owe the money," he said.

The widespread indebtedness explains why the Sheriff's affidavit in the High Court last week stated that "there was no working tractor, no working feeder and not even a sweeping brush on site when we arrived." It stated they were advised debtors had taken machinery including tractors before they arrived over alleged debts.

It continued with a raft of problems encountered by the management parachuted in by the Sheriff Sinead McNamara.

"Stones were placed in motor vehicles to prevent them from working. One of the key wells in the farmyard was turned off without our knowledge. Mr Kingston denied knowledge of this second well…I believe that 50pc of the milking machines were not working on my arrival."

The auctioneer acting for the Sheriff, Mr Barrett, alleged in the same affidavit the herd had previously lost all value as elite animals because the Kingstons had stopped recording or registering and classifying animals.

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