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Monday 20 November 2017

loader work

This tractor type will spend most of its lifetime with a front-end loader attached, handling bales, shear grab or loading a feeder. Speedy loader hydraulics are a must. First stab at the loader hydraulics and they seemed slow. This was before I realised that this tractor had the facility -- like MFs of old -- to combine two hydraulic pump outputs with the flick of a blue rocker switch on the right-hand console.

Now with a combined output of 100 litres/min, the 5455 tractor and MF955 loader performed at a pace more to my liking -- capable of decent cycle times for repetitive loader operations.

Many buyers of this size of tractor and loader require that they be capable of lifting that magical two-tonne pallet of fertiliser. There just happened to be such a pallet at hand so, with pallet forks on board, I went for it. To my surprise the tractor and loader effortlessly lifted this not inconsiderable weight.

The demo tractor was equipped with solid-centred wheel rims on all four corners -- a good idea on the front for loader work -- Trelleborg 540/65R38 on the back and 440/65R28 on the front. The track was set a bit narrow at the front and the steering lock was restricted a bit. Swapping the front wheels left to right would have increased the track width and improved the situation.

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