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Lively trade sees suckler with calf at foot sold for high of €2,100

Any report that begins with continental cull cows making up to €2.11/kg and sucklers with a calf at foot hitting a high of €2,100 says enough about where the trade was at over the past week.

Demand for all categories of stock was lively at the marts around the country.

Any nice quality younger stock, whether they were weanlings, stores or finished cattle, were making from €2/kg upwards, with a big variation in prices. The plainest of the plainer types bottomed out at €1.60/kg and ranged from this up towards €2/kg.

Kilkenny had 720hd of stock for sale. An excellent trade ensured a complete clearance, with pride of place going to a suckler cow with a calf at foot selling for €2,100.

Heavy continental steers made €2-2.42/kg. The 400-600kg bullocks sold for €2.13-2.53/kg, with Friesians making up to €1.94/kg. Lighter lots were selling for €1.86-2.83/kg depending on quality.

Well-fleshed heifers traded at €1.96-2.27/kg, with butcher types selling for €1.94-2.18/kg. Stores achieved €2-2.42/kg. Friesian cull cows were selling for €0.97-1.70/kg, while the continentals sold for €1.75-2.11/kg.

Dowra Mart had 485 cattle on offer last Saturday. Trade continued very strongly for all classes of cattle on the day. Heavy steers over 600kg made €700-1,100 with their weight, while lighter lots sold for €400-800 over. Weanling bulls over 450kg made €400-800 over the €1/kg, while the lighter bulls moved at €300-700 over.

Heifers were not too plentiful on the day and those over 500kg made €400-750 over, with a few choice lots for breeding achieving up to €900 over. Weanling heifers made €300-700 over their weight while a few choice lots again made up to €850 over.

On Saturday, Balla Mart had 809 cattle on offer, while on Tuesday there was 449 weanlings. Bullocks of 600kg or more were selling for €1.91-2.82/kg. Trade for heifers was strong. Good-quality heavy heifers were making €2.03-2.28/kg, or €630-955 with their weight. Forward stores made €2.03-2.65/kg, or €630-730 over the weight. At the weanling sale, top-quality bulls sold for €2.19-3.65/kg, with the heifers topping out at €3.86/kg.

Ballinakill Mart reported a slight ease in numbers with 360 cattle on offer. Heavy heifers were probably the best sellers in a strong trade all round and sold for €1.70-2.22/kg. Store heifers made €1.62-2.35/kg. Store bullocks sold for €1.70-2.50/kg, while heavy steers achieved €1.80-2.30/kg. Prices for weanling bulls varied from €1.95/kg for the plainer types up to €2.60 for the good-quality lots.


Numbers continued quite strong for the time of year at Ballymote Mart. Light store bullocks were making €300-515 over the weight, while forward types made €400-755 over. Beef types sold up to €805 over the €1/kg. Heifers suitable for breeding were in demand from local farmers and went as high as €850 with their weight. Stores were making €300-635 over the weight. Heavy weanling bulls were selling for €400-600 over the €1/kg, with lighter types moving at €300-565 over. Weanling heifers sold for €300-560 with their weight.

At Maam Cross, the heifers were selling for €2.10-2.52/kg, with the steers making €2.02-2.84/kg. Weanlings ranged from €2.32-3.56/kg.

Heavy steers up in Raphoe were selling for €700-750 with the €1/kg, with the stores trading at €300-650 over. The best of the heavy weanlings made €525-1,140 over the weight.

At Tuam Mart, the heavy bullocks sold for €2.13-2.20/kg. Steers weighing 400-500kg made €2.30-2.46/kg. Heifers of 550-750kg sold for €2.05-2.27/kg, with the heifers up to 500kg selling for €2.22-2.38/kg. Weanling heifers made €2.35-2.78/kg, while the bulls moved at €2.12-2.69/kg. Heavy well-fleshed cull cows sold for €1.84-2.02/kg.

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