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Friday 20 April 2018

Lively trade for beef and stores

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

Demand was very good for the beef and store bullocks on offer at Carnew, which also held its 29th annual show and sale of bullocks and bulls. Weanling bulls were also popular among Northern Ireland, factory and exporter buyers.

Beef bullocks made an average of €400-500 over, with up to €650 over in some cases.

The show's champion was a weanling bull entered by Ballinglen resident Pat Whelan, which weighed 410kg and sold for €1,420 to Kevin Quinn, Quinn International Exporters.

The champion beef bullock was a Limousin-cross shown by Gorey's Leslie Dixon, which weighed 750kg and sold to Tom Boland of Liffey Meats, Hacketstown, for €1,400.

At Headford on Saturday bullocks made €160-500 over, heifers sold for €130-495 over, suckler cows €700-1,150/hd and cull cows €300-875/hd.

Weanling bulls made €200-640 over and weanling heifers sold for €100-420 over.

Heavy bullocks made €350-500 over at Ballinkill at the weekend, forward stores made €250-450 over and the lighter stores achieved €200-400 over.

Beef heifers sold for €250-350 over, store heifers €250-400 over and dry cows from €50 under to €175 over.

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Weanling bulls sold for €150-320 over and weanling heifers made €100-250 over.

With a full clearance of stock, Maam Cross reported a good show of cattle for the time of year. There was good value for heifer and bull weanlings.

Bullocks sold for €182 per 100kg, up to a maximum of €196, heifers made €169 per 100kg, up to €211, cows sold for €655-1,155/hd and weanlings made €188 per 100kg up to a maximum of €202.

There was a good trade in general for the 800 cattle on offer at Balla on Saturday.

Beef bullocks made €250-480 over, store bullocks €200-500 over, beef heifers €200-450 over, store heifers €140-480 over, dry cows €400-1,000/hd and in-calf cows and cows with calves at foot €700-1,460/hd.

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