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Thursday 23 November 2017

Light heifers fare best in a week of mixed fortunes at the marts

Joe Healy

A glance at Ringside shows a pretty mixed week for the weanlings, and worse again for the steers and heifers.

The lighter heifers fared better. Steers in the main were back by 2-4c/kg, with the lighter types selling for €2.40-3.05/kg. The 400-500kg lots sold for €2.25-2.80/kg, while heavier steers made from €2.15-2.60/kg. Plainer types were back by up to 8c/kg in places and making from €1.80-1.90/kg.

Heifers under 500kg were making from €2.35-2.90/kg. Heavier lots sold for €2.20-2.65/kg. Lesser quality lots were down by 2-4c/kg and selling for €1.85-2.15/kg. Light Bulls under 300kg suffered a 3-6c/kg dip and moved at €2.50-3.20/kg. Lots between 300-400kg had better luck with the better types up by 7c/kg in a range from €2.35-3.00/kg. The best of the bulls over 400kg were up by 6c/kg and making up to €2.75/kg. Poorer bulls were selling for €1.70-2.00/kg.

Quality weanling heifers made from €2.90-3.45/kg with the lighter lots at the higher figure. Average lots sold for €2.45-2.85/kg and plainer types moved at €2.20-2.31/kg, which reflected a fall of up to 16c/kg.

Dowra reported an easier trade for the 520 cattle on offer last Saturday. Weanling heifers under 300kg were making from €1.80-3.60/kg. Lots from 300-400kg moved at €2.00-3.50/kg and the 400-550kg lots at €1.90-2.80/kg. Heavier types made from €2.10-2.50/kg.

Weanling bulls up to 300kg made from €1.70-3.80/kg, while those between 300-400kg sold for €1.80-3.70/kg. Bulls over 450kg ranged from €2.10-2.80/kg. Store bullocks under 550kg were selling for €1.90-3.10/kg. Lots over 550kg made from €1.90-2.50kg. The best of the cull cows varied from €1.80-2.40/kg, while the feeding cows made from €1.20-2.00/kg.

Store bullocks under 400kg were making from €600-800 with the weight or from €1.97-3.52/kg in Balla. Heavier bullocks ranged from €1.28-3.27/kg. The light heifers moved at €1.86-3.40/kg. Lots over 400kg made from €1.71-3.13/kg. The best cull cow was a six year-old 875kg Charolais that sold for €2,000. A five year-old Charolais cow with a Limousin bull calf at foot topped the sucklers at €2,700.

The weanlings were a great trade with all the shippers present and some good quality cattle on offer. Light bulls were selling for €1.52-3.90/kg, while heavier lots made from €1.61-3.33/kg. Heifer weanlings met with lively demand from farmers for breeding especially Belgian Blue crossbreds. The lighter types were making from €2.06-3.91/kg, while heavier types made from €2.42-3.34/kg.

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At Ennis Mart the numbers of heifers and cull cows were bigger, but bullock numbers were smaller. Trade was a shade easier for cull cows but quality was more variable. Feeding cows were easier at €1.30-1.60/kg. Top quality continental beef cows made from €1.80-2.25/ kg. Bullocks under 500kg were making from €2.20-3.50/kg. The 500-600kg steers were selling for €2.20-2.80/kg. Heavier lots made from €2.10-2.48/kg. Aged stock bulls made up to €2,190 or €2/kg.

Bull weanlings

Heavy bull weanlings were easier by €20-30/hd, but lighter lots of 300-350kg were a very strong trade with many lots exceeding €3/kg. Lighter bulls made from €2.60-3.48/kg and heavier bulls from €2.40-3.20/kg. Heifers met a slightly stronger trade than the bulls on a per kilo basis.

Top class bulls over 600kg up in Raphoe were making from €785-955 with the weight. Beef bullocks ranged from €885-1,060 over. Stores made from €420-930 with the €/kg. Beef heifers moved at €640-930 over the weight. Store heifers made from €350-795 over. Cull cow prices ran from €760-1,470.

There were 750 cattle and 160 calves on offer in Carnew where some strong prices were paid for export weanling bulls and heavy continental heifers. The latter had a top price of €2,130 for a 650kg

Belgian Blue. Beef and forward store bullocks made from €750-1,100 over their weight. Lighter stores ranged from €550-900 over. Friesian steers sold for €300-750 with the €/kg. Weanling bulls moved at €500-1,000 over. Beef heifers were selling for €600-1,000 with the weight in the main, with a few top lots making a bit more. The aforementioned Belgian Blue made €1,600 over. Stores ranged from €450-850 over their weight.

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