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Monday 20 November 2017

Liffey Distributors broaden horizons

Dublin company Liffey Distributors, importers and distributors for a number of prominent brands in the garden and forestry sector, has now branched out into the construction sector with a range of Husqvarna construction equipment.

Liffey Distributors has been the sole importer and distributor of Husqvarna forest and garden equipment in Ireland since 1970. It recently won a contract to extend its partnership with the Swedish outdoor products giant and became the exclusive importer and supplier of Husqvarna construction equipment in Ireland.

Here, Husqvarna are well known for their chainsaw and lawnmower products. On the construction side there is a huge range of equipment, including power cutters (con-saw), floor, road and wall saws, wire saws, tile and masonry table saws, masonry drills (plus stands) for heavy-duty applications like core drilling, surface saws and demolition kit. They also manufacture a range of hydraulic and electric power-packs to drive much of their kit.

On winning the contract, Liffey Distributors' marketing manager Tony Brady, said: "We have embraced all of the developments of the Husqvarna Group over the years and we are confident that, despite the recent slump in the construction sector, we are in a prime position to utilise the synergies between the forest, garden and construction industries.

"We are expecting to grow our traditional business this year by 20pc."

The new construction products will be available for sale to the public and professionals via a network of agents across the country.

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