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Less means more

Enda and his Fine Gael party are having competition when it comes to soaring ahead at the moment because, as you will see from the price table, lamb quotes have strengthened again, with increases of 5-10c/kg evident from all the plants.

One of the factory men said that while there has been no real improvement to the markets, very tight supplies towards the end of last week and over the weekend was the sole reason behind the increases.

He also freely admitted that more and more farmers are insisting on, and getting, €5/kg at this stage.

With a 10c/kg increase to their base quotes, both Kildare Chilling and Moyvalley Meats are fairly clear leaders at the moment, with the former offering 480c/kg+6c/kg+5c/kg, bringing them to a top quote of 491c/kg, while Moyvalley's all-in 490c/kg is there or thereabouts as well.

The rest are as close to each other as the hurlers of Clarinbridge and De La Salle were until the last second of extra time in the All-Ireland club semi-final.

Dawn Ballyhaunis, the ICMs and both Kepaks are quoting a base of 475c/kg plus the bonus.

The IFA's James Murphy said farmers were reporting that €5/kg was a lot easier to get this week than in recent weeks and urged sellers to ensure that they maximise value.

Trade for the cull ewes remains steady. Kepak Hacketstown and Kildare are quoting 275c/kg. Both ICM plants and Kepak Athleague are offering 270c/kg while a reduction of 5c/kg in Dawn leaves them at 265c/kg. Moyvalley are not quoting.

Bord Bia said the hogget trade in Britain was improved, reflecting lower supplies and some further strengthening in sterling. By the weekend, live market prices were making the equivalent of €5.10/kg (deadweight) including VAT.

In France, the market has been dominated recently by French, British and Spanish product. Spanish lambs in southern parts of France are reportedly trading at good levels, with quotes of €5.26 inclusive of VAT being reported.

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