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Thursday 19 July 2018

Lemken unveils Vega range

The Lemken Vega is the first trailed sprayer to be developed internally by the Alpen manufacturer.
The Lemken Vega is the first trailed sprayer to be developed internally by the Alpen manufacturer.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Lemken has unveiled its new Vega trailed sprayer range, the first to be developed internally by the Alpen tillage machinery specialists. Lemken claims the Vega's modern design and innovative technology make it a highly efficient field sprayer that leaves nothing to be desired as far as ease of operation is concerned.

From this spring the new Vega sprayer is available in 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 litre tank capacities, with boom widths of 15 to 24m. While prices are yet to be announced officially, the Farming Independent understands the Vega will start from €53,000 plus VAT.

The compact design of the new Vega is a key feature for Lemken.

It has a low centre of gravity despite its large tyres and generous ground clearance, and offers excellent stability even with a full tank.

This was achieved by having the aluminium booms folding vertically at the rear of the machine and the frame being integrated into the tank. The tank is designed without internal pipes to ensure that it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

The Vega drawbar is available in both a top and bottom-mounted version.

A hydraulic drawbar suspension and drawbar steering are available as options for true-track following, while air suspension is additionally available for safe handling both in the field and on the road.


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The inductor and operating centre of the trailed sprayer are integrated into the left side of the plastic tank, and the inductor height can be continuously adjusted.

The electronically controlled valves can be operated from the terminal near the inductor or via the menu on Lemken's in-cab terminal.

The suction filters are positioned to ensure that they can run dry in order to minimise residue.

The true circulation pipe, which is routed inside the aluminium booms and continuously circulates the spray fluid, is a design highlight of the Vega as it prevents inactive pipe sections and allows the set spray pressure to be available instantly once the nozzles are switched on.

The system provides accurate distribution across the full boom width.

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