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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Lemken blazes a trail with its new sprayers

German manufacturer Lemken has teamed up with Suir Sprayers to strengthen its presence in Ireland

The Vega is the first trailed sprayer to be developed internally by Lemken and is aimed at contractors and larger farmers.
The Vega is the first trailed sprayer to be developed internally by Lemken and is aimed at contractors and larger farmers.
The compact design is one of the key features.
Diarmuid Claridge, Lemken; John and Eddy Lynch, Suir Sprayers, and Florian Mueller, Lemken.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Tillage farming specialists Lemken have appointed Suir Sprayers of Co Waterford as a "crop protection specialist" dealer.

The deal will see Suir sell Lemken sprayers in 17 counties throughout Ireland.

The move comes on foot of Lemken recognising that sprayers are fast becoming a more specialist machine on farm in terms of technology, chemical and application, and that dealer know-how and back up will be crucial to future sales.

Suir already specialise in the service and retail of sprayers, with the firm offering a mobile sprayer testing service to help existing sprayers meet the new sprayer rules set to be introduced from next November.

Commenting on the move Diarmuid Claridge, sales manager for Lemken Ireland, said the firm decided it was time to channel this specialist product through a dealer that could provide the full package.

He explained: "As an already professional sprayer servicing and retail centre, Suir Sprayers were able to offer us exactly what we needed to push our sprayer business forward. Covering Munster, Connacht and south Leinster, Suir will provide the professional knowledge and advice that a farmer expects today when purchasing such a machine."

First trailed sprayer

To mark the deal Suir Sprayers held an open evening last week at their premises where they showcased the existing Lemken sprayer range as well as launching the all new Vega 12 Lemken trailed sprayer range.

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The Vega is the first trailed sprayer to be developed internally by the Alpen tillage machinery specialists. It is estimated that around 60 new trailed sprayers are sold in Ireland each year.

Lemken claims the Vega's modern design and innovative technology make it a highly efficient field sprayer that leaves nothing to be desired as far as ease of operation is concerned. Florian Mueller of Lemken's training department will be demonstrating the new sprayer around Ireland over the coming weeks.

He explained the Vega is available in 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 litre tank capacities, with boom widths of 15 to 24m.

"The compact design is a key feature for us, the Vega has a very low centre of gravity despite its large tyres and generous ground clearance," said Mr Mueller. "It has been tested at speeds of up to 60kph and offers excellent stability even with a full tank.

"This was achieved by having the aluminium booms folding vertically at the rear of the machine and the frame being integrated into the tank. The tank is designed without internal pipes to ensure that it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned."

The Vega drawbar is available in both a top and bottom-mounted version. A hydraulic drawbar suspension and drawbar steering are available as options for true-track following, while air suspension is additionally available for safe handling both in the field and on the road.

The inductor and operating centre of the trailed sprayer are integrated into the left side of the plastic tank, and in a very handy feature the inductor height can be adjusted to suit the operator's height.

The electronically controlled valves are either operated from an intuitive, easy to use terminal near the inductor or via the menu on Lemken's in-cab terminal. The suction filters are positioned to ensure that they can run dry in order to minimise residue.

The true circulation pipe, which is routed inside the aluminium booms and continuously circulates the spray fluid, is a design highlight of the Vega as it prevents inactive pipe sections and allows the set spray pressure to be available instantly once the nozzles are switched on. Mr Mueller said this system was chosen because it provides good transverse distribution across the full boom width.

True individual nozzle control is used, which permits each nozzle to be switched on or off quickly and with precision. For wedge-shaped fields or sharp corners, single-side folding is available for the Vega's boom.

The BoomCommand system uses sensors for automatic control to maintain a constant distance from target surfaces.

While prices are yet to be announced officially, the Farming Independent understands the Vega will retail from around €85,000.Those looking to see the new Lemken Vega trailed sprayer in action can catch up with further demonstrations in Athy and Tullow this week. For more information contact Suir Sprayers on 051 821500.

Testing times for boom sprayers

From November 2016 all boom sprayers greater than 3m will need to have been tested and certified by a registered inspector at least once.

If your sprayer doesn't meet the required standard in terms of safety and application, it will either have to be repaired or put out of use altogether.

Not surprisingly the fast approaching deadline has meant a big increase in business for Suir Sprayers, one of a handful of companies around Ireland who offer a testing service.

Young cousins John and Eddy Lynch are the two men behind Suir Sprayers, and they offer a handy mobile call out service to farmers and contractors who are looking to get their sprayer over the line.

The company was established in 2013 and it provides a range of services including sprayer testing, machine sales, parts sales and service to all makes of sprayer nationwide.

The cost of the test depends on the size of the sprayer, but as a guideline a 12m sprayer will cost around €160 to test, while a 24m sprayer will cost around €240.

The test covers all the application components of the sprayer to ensure the machine is working correctly and efficiently.

These include the control system, the pump, nozzles, pressures throughout the sprayer, the pressure gauges, hose lines, filters and flow metres.

"Business has been steady rather than spectacular, but we expect it to get busier towards the end of the summer," revealed John.

"The price of the test is very small relative to the value of most sprayers, particularly the bigger machines," he said.

"In the event of a fail we will carry out a free re-test within 28 days once the necessary repair work has been undertaken."

At successful passing of the test farmers will be issued with a completed test report form. The inspector will also fix a uniquely numbered sticker to the sprayer stating that the machine has passed the test, as well as the date of the test.

It is expected that a copy of the test report form will be sought by the Department of Agriculture for verification and compliance purposes.

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