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Saturday 20 January 2018


Lely introduced its new Tigo XR silage chopper wagon range in Switzerland. The range features three models, the Tigo XR 65, 75 and 100. They incorporate a hydraulically movable bulkhead which Lely says allows the crop compaction pressure to be adjusted. The firm claims that this allows the nutritional value and structure of the crop to be maintained.

With the bulk head slightly tilted forward, counter-pressure is reduced to avoid 'pulping' of wet and heavy crops. The bulk head a few degrees to the rear results in a higher compression pressure when handling dry and resilient crops, according to Lely. The bulk-head positioned all the way to the front provides an extra six cubic metres of space in the wagon when full. This allows it to be up to 1m shorter than previous models of the same capacity.

Operating the hydraulic bulk head also aids the start-up of the grass discharging process back at the clamp as the entire load is conveyed out the rear of the machine.

This places less strain on the floor chains. Lely says its new wagons are 200mm wider than previous models and as a consequence the pickup and rotor have been widened as well.

The rotor is 800mm in diameter and is fitted with 45 chopping knives.

The new wagons can also be used as silage trailers and Lely has designed them with a heavier chassis to withstand heavy loads of autumn maize.

The rotor driveline has been reinforced and a more rugged floor chain is used according to Lely. The floor is manufactured from 4mm thick galvanised plate. The two smaller machines run on tandem axles, while the larger Lely Tigo XR 100 runs on triple axles.

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